Customer care

Efficient customer care begins with the greeting

The term customer care encompasses all customer interactions and measures. From customer acquisition to after-sales service, these measures span the entire customer journey. Key activities for sustainable customer care include personalized greetings, efficient processing of mailings, customer service through consultations and prompt assistance with problems or inquiries. Customer care aims to enhance customer loyalty and retention while significantly boosting customer satisfaction.

Intensive customer care – a crucial topic in every company

Irrespective of industry, size or structure, companies interact with their customers on a daily basis to forge positive connections that drive business success. The topic of customer care is thus omnipresent, and the quality of service and support provided plays a pivotal role.
Competent customer care fosters satisfaction and fortifies the relationship between the customer and company. This yields advantageous effects, including higher repurchase rates, increased willingness to recommend the product and resistance against poaching attempts.

Essential elements of exceptional customer service

To ensure that the customer feels well looked after, the proficiency of customer service staff and the high level of data quality are crucial factors. In order to always be accessible, it is advisable to offer customer support through multiple channels, including e-mail, phone, chats and social media. An appropriate quality of service from the employees is required to create added value for the customer. In customer service, the keys to success lie in professional expertise, target group-oriented communication and, ideally, personalized information and offers.

Improving the quality of customer service through CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you keep track of the growing volume of data. Applying suitable software in customer service maximizes efficiency and effectiveness in customer-related activities and initiatives.
Each customer contact presents a valuable opportunity for the company. A positively influenced contact, for instance, enhances sales potential and bolsters the company's reputation. Simultaneously, inadequate service to customers results in dissatisfaction, complaints or departures.
Digital solutions such as CRM or XRM (Any Relationship Management) serve as effective extensions to mitigate such risks. The software is a great help for customer support. Various functions facilitate the management and evaluation of the data sets and present logical relationships.  

Important functions of CRM software include managing customer and address data as well as recording and evaluating previous touchpoints. Additionally, structured task management and automatic reminders for deadlines or pending inquiries offer significant advantages. CRM systems offer numerous additional features to further enhance customer care. For example, the central customer file, reporting functions and digital assistants from CAS genesisWorld strengthen the service.  Moreover, CRM systems enable the evaluation of consulting potential and the creation of customized offers for customers.
By analyzing customer wishes and needs in greater detail, CRM systems enable personalized support tailored to individual customers. Thanks to the software, customer service achieves a significant boost in professionalism. Moreover, digital solutions eliminate the need for physical storage, rendering bulky customer files a thing of the past.

Customer care up in the cloud:  Accessible at all times and from anywhere

The cloud is the optimal solution for accessing CRM data from any location and at any time. Thanks to this software, customer service is no longer confined to a fixed workstation, thus enabling the delivery of professional support to customers on the go or during their commute. Cloud-based access to customer data ensures uninterrupted availability via mobile devices and allows you to swiftly and competently assist customers as their reliable point of contact. Mobile management empowers prompt and flexible responses to customer needs.

Customer care combined with a CRM system as the foundation for business success

Customer care is so much more than just organizing address and contact data. As a holistic process, customer care aims to foster long-term customer relationships. CRM software is essential for efficiently managing the vast volumes of data. By offering individual customization, the solution generates added value for both the customer and the company. Delight your customers with the gift of appreciation through intensive and personalized customer care. After all, satisfied customers are the key to sustainable business success.

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