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From requirements analyses, customer consulting, and finally implementing a solution through to follow up and support: companies working in the aviation industry need to fulfill high demands to run smooth processes. The key is to build a digital infrastructure that places customer relationship management, project management and the area of offer creation on a solid, intelligently networked basis. This is the only way to enable cross-team collaboration and to provide each employee with the information they need, both online and offline.

High data quality is just as essential to long-term business success as data security, in order to organize the diverse business processes and areas of responsibility efficiently.

Aviation company requirements

Optimal consultation

Create quotes for complex products quickly and error free.

Project management

Implementing tasks efficiently across teams and meeting deadlines

Utilize potential

Full overview of opportunities and prospects

Our solution for your success

The software that will inspire your customers.

Impress your customers in the aviation business with first-class service and strengthen your long-term business success. CAS genesisWorld supports you in recognizing and meeting your customers' requirements as well as supporting you in designing more efficient business processes. The solution adapts flexibly to your requirements and can be optimally integrated with third-party systems. This will enable you to speed up processes and free up time to provide optimal customer care.

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With CAS Merlin CPQ, you can put together a CPQ + AIA® solution tailored to your needs and obtain an optimum interface between product experts, sales and end customers. Thanks to intelligent assistants, you can create offers that are precisely tailored to customer requirements and simplify the collaboration of different stakeholders through a centralized knowledge base.

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