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With CAS genesisWorld CRM, you easily plan and implement marketing campaigns. ERP, call center and booking system data can be quickly retrieved and processed using one solution. You can send confirmations at the touch of a button or easily view entry requirements and availabilities directly on the website.

The centrally stored customer data enables tourism companies to efficiently communicate with their customers.

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  • Create marketing campaigns that hit their target
  • Keep an overview with the central customer dossier
  • Create offers quickly
  • Manage comprehensive travelling itineraries
  • Administer all travel information in one location
  • View all information on the customer portal
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CRM in travel and tourism:
Setting new standards for customer retention


How important is customer retention for travel and tourism?

When going on holiday and travelling, people demand excellent services. Bookings should be fast and effortless, and customers expect to receive 100% correct information about their destination or hotel. Disappointed customers are quick to go to another agency: a huge number of companies compete for custom in the travel and tourism market and travellers can choose from various destinations and offers. Only those who can address their customers with the right offer at the right time and impress them with excellent services to develop long-term relationships can maintain their position on the market. Excellent customer relations and establishing customer loyalty are the keys to success.

Impress customers using professional CRM software

To meet increased customer expectations in terms of travel and tourism and build long-term relationships to retain customers, you need professional CRM software. The CRM solutions from CAS Software AG are tailored to meet the requirements of travel and tourism companies who are facing huge challenges to successfully manage and retain their customers. All important customer data is maintained in one digital dossier within the CRM system that includes notes from customer consultations, booking information or information about the chosen travel destination. Furthermore, marketing campaigns can be created directly and sent out with just a few clicks using the CRM system, and you can filter all customer data by certain criteria and send targeted mailing campaigns.

Boost customer loyalty by using software that meets the rigorous demands of the travel and tourism industry

Your CRM software for travel and tourism enables you to coordinate all customer touchpoints and collect valuable information about your customers. With just one click on the CRM customer dossier, your travel agents can access all customer data and provide excellent services and advice at any time. The customer relationship has the highest priority and your travel advice processes are streamlined. Your customers can experience an individually tailored consultation and recommend your agency which results in fruitful long-term customer relationships with your travel agent. And strong customer relations are the base for strong growth.

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