What are the characteristic features of a CAS SmartEnterprise?


CAS SmartEnterprise is a very efficient networked organization. Particular characteristics include: high quality products, effective processes and a customer orientated company culture. Small, specialized company units (SmartUnits) make CAS SmartEnterprise flexible and agile, and this enables the company to make the most of any opportunities and attain innovative excellence.

What are the CAS SmartEnterprise goals?

To maintain a company organizational structure that supports its own sustainable success, and that of its employees, customers and partners.
To provide an attractive and healthy workplace for its employees.
To provide the best and most suitable products and services for our customers and partners.

Which CAS Software visions are being supported?

The creation of a leading "any Relationship Management" (xRM) software solution for companies and organizations in a connected world.
To ensure that by 2020, the most successful small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe are all using xRM solutions from CAS Software.
That every customer, and every customer segment, is provided with both individual and optimal support in their relationship management through our products and services.

How is the network organization structured?

The network organization is based on a biological model. CAS SmartEnterprise consists of specialized units known as SmartUnits. These units are organized to react quickly and remain adaptable to market and sectoral requirements.

The CAS Guidelines embody the values and attitudes upon which we base our decision making and the way we behave towards one another, whether internally or externally.