Energy and utility companies

Complex customer requirements, a vast range of products, coordination loops and time pressure – these are real challenges for energy and utility companies.The goal: a quickly created offer that matches exactly the customer's needs. To achieve this, it is necessary to maintain an overview of the flood of customer data, technical information, invoice data and data from finance or procurement, to create transparency and simplify coordination.

Model offers and contracts in the modular system and save time to make your sales process more transparent, faster and even more efficient.

Energy and utility company requirements 

Effortless exchange of data

Central storage and cross-departmental access

Effective communication

Finding the right strategies internally and externally

Minimizing risk

Recognize errors in the offer and take immediate countermeasures

Effective customer management


With CAS genesisWorld, you can create a central knowledge base, design standardized, automated processes, keep your customer data up-to-date and optimize your service with a 360-degree view of each individual customer. This demands transparency and makes a positive impact upon your internal and external communications. You also keep an eye on all key figures and react agilely to market developments.

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CAS Merlin CPQ helps you to simplify your quotation and sales processes and create unique customer experiences. With the CPQ + AIA® solution, you can delight your customers with error-free quotes, individual configurations in real time and a smooth customer journey. Thanks to the intelligent assistants in Merlin CPQ, your leads will develop over time from enthusiastic customers into fans.

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