Benefit from your CRM

Efficient workflows, faster sales, improved customer experience

The key objective of customer relationship management is to use an integrated CRM system to streamline business processes and increase sales. This leads to more satisfied customers, increased customer loyalty and maximized revenue. CRM provides companies with a genuine competitive advantage and enables it to exploit new markets.


Storing data centrally creates a company-wide user network

With CRM, the whole company focuses on the customer. All areas and departments – from Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Accounting, the Switchboard, through to Management – use one standard, centralized CRM solution. Depending on their individual rights, employees can access information in other departments, enabling them to work together effectively and efficiently. This results in structured, automated process throughout the company.


Customer dossiers provide all the information

Customer dossiers are the foundation of professional customer care. They provide you with a 360 degree view of all your customer's information: appointments, tasks, telephone notes, correspondence, sales opportunities, complaints, orders, delivery notes and projects. The result: your employees are always well informed and can always provide professional advice and make informed decisions.


Customer knowledge reveals potential for development

Knowing what customers and the market want is essential for further developing products and improving services. Customer profiles provide the best source of information, whether in sales or customer service. Multidimensional analysis highlights correlations and is used to identify potential for further development.

Communicative measures depend on customer value

Demands and potential vary from customer to customer and they therefore require personalized interaction. This interaction depends on the customer's value to the company. Customers are segmented according to their value and the appropriate marketing and service measures are then agreed on. This enables your sales force to operate more efficiently, recommend the right product at the right time, and up- and cross-sell, thereby achieving better results. This way no sales opportunities are missed.


Efficient and motivated employees provide the best service

Acceptance among employees and consistent focus on the customer are the key to the successful deployment of a CRM system. Those who use a software solution to keep up to date on their customers, perform routine tasks more efficiently, make informed decisions and delegate tasks to specialists, have more fun at work and are more motivated. Customers can sense it – they appreciate friendly, competent staff.


Foresighted management is the key to a project's success

Precise project planning, clear structures and up-to-date analyses based on all company data mean that a CRM system provides you with an overview of ongoing projects. Projects remain manageable and efficient throughout – from professionally planning resources, time and cost recording, through to controlling.


Increasing customer retention reduces long-term costs

It is worthwhile investing in CRM early on, since deploying a CRM system achieves great results quickly in just a few small steps. Whether renting or buying – with cheap finance, you can install and use a CRM system immediately without having to invest your capital. This leads to better organized business processes and saves employees valuable work time, thereby reducing costs on the long term.


CRM brings together existing applications

A modern CRM system integrates existing applications – such as MS Office and ERP, archiving and communications solutions – and consolidates all information on each customer on one platform. The solution is able to grow with the company and can be customized to it needs: at the organizational level, at each workstation, across several locations and national boundaries. All employees within a company can access the information directly, enabling them to work more efficiently.

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