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As a CAS partner, you provide your customers with an extensive array of solutions, meticulously tailored to enhance their daily operations in the best possible way. By forging a CAS partnership, you also take advantage of new sales opportunities within an expanding market and cultivate close and harmonious collaboration with a reliable partner.

Our partner philosophy? Through flourishing collaboration, founded on equality principles, we collectively propel your customers towards unparalleled success. In keeping with our core principle of "Customer Centricity", we place you, our partner, at the very heart of our activities.

Successful collaboration

We join forces and strive towards the common objective of making your customers even more successful. What we ensure: Expertise, quality and customer satisfaction.

Proven partner program

Benefit from a wide range of support services, attractive licensing and service potentials and extensive cross-selling opportunities.

97% recommendation rate

Become a partner – Remain a partner. Long-term partnerships are the rule not the exception at CAS and serve as testament to the exceptional quality of our partner program.

Unique CRM functions
for every size of company

For over 35 years, the high-performance solutions offered by CAS Software AG have been striking a chord with small and mid-sized enterprises. CAS products establish customer-centric processes throughout the company. Moreover, companies that work with CAS software solutions have a distinct advantage when addressing their customers' needs, thereby fostering lasting customer relationships. Customers become true fans and reap long-term benefits.

What distinguishes CAS solutions is their range of sophisticated functions, which can be customized to match the scale and specific needs of each company. The CAS project method facilitates seamless introduction and makes success quickly tangible.

CAS partner program

Qualified support for your success

Through the CAS partner program, you can progressively expand your business, generating long-term revenue streams from various services and cross-selling opportunities. The CAS partner program ensures qualified support for all areas of your company. Thanks to a network of familiar contacts across marketing, sales, support and development, we are at your side throughout every phase of the partnership. The meticulously coordinated partner levels, coupled with additional qualifications, enable us to cater optimally to diverse market segments.

There is a good reason why ChannelPartner named CAS Software AG the CRM manufacturer with the best sales partner program. Our partner program stands out as the market's premier choice, owing to its unrivaled potential for achievable margins, comprehensive training program and unparalleled marketing and sales support. (Source:

The pillars of the CAS partner program

Strong support for CAS partners

For us, CAS partners are an integral part of the CAS team. Therefore, CAS partners receive dedicated and qualified support at every stage, backed by personal and trusted CAS contacts specializing in marketing, sales, support and development.

The right partner for every task

We have aligned the CAS partner program to the market and its requirements. Every partner level and additional qualification is designed to cover a distinct market segment and its specific needs and requirements. The partner levels are CAS Certified Partner, CAS Consulting Partner, CAS Sales Partner, CAS Premium Partner and CAS Gold Partner. The additional qualifications are Development Center, Kanzlei Center, Communities Center and Merlin CPQ Center. Seamless collaboration and a transfer of knowledge between CAS partners are explicitly desired to successfully manage larger-scale projects and cross-thematic initiatives.

Knowledge base and further training

The CAS Academy offers comprehensive CRM training and qualification programs. Besides topics specific to the office environment and technical fundamentals, the training programs also extend to areas such as presentation techniques, rhetoric and sales seminars. Comprehensive CRM knowledge is available to every partner via the partner portal. The motivated team of technicians and consultants at CAS CRM provide proactive assistance throughout implementation projects, including the development of customized solutions. This support also extends into account management and customer training.

For a higher profile and new contacts

As a manufacturer, we ensure that CAS products are brought to market using selective marketing techniques. Exhibition appearances, event and congress participation, engagement in online forums, press activities, mailing campaigns, etc. enhance a company's profile and generate valuable leads.

CAS CRM also supports partners in their individual marketing endeavors, e.g. through sales promoting materials and giveaways, mailing templates, website support, exhibition and event offerings, guest speakers at events, organizational assistance and even allocated marketing budgets. Partners can make use of the marketing experience and expertise of CAS Software AG in numerous ways.

Fair lead management

Attracting new prospects and ultimately customers remains an essential task, both for CAS CRM and its partners. CAS CRM distributes the qualified leads it has acquired to its partners for further support. Partners also report their leads to CAS CRM for centralized recording, thereby helping to guarantee customer protection.

Excellent collaboration

We champion a collaborative environment with our partners based on the principles of partnership, openness and trust. A partner advisory board represents the partners in their interactions with CAS Software AG and actively contributes to the ongoing corporate and product development of CAS Software.

CAS partner portal

Our exclusive partner portal offers you 24/7 access to a vast knowledge base encompassing our CAS solutions. Within this portal, you can share knowledge of current CRM topics and receive lead generation support. Furthermore, we provide targeted marketing support to our CRM partners: for example, through participating in events, establishing press relations and assisting in various marketing and sales activities.

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Opportunities as a CRM partner

Sales and Consulting Partner With a well-established network, you have the ability to unlock the potential in interested parties to utilize CAS solutions. As a Sales or Consulting Partner, you act as a trusted advisor and provide the contact either directly to CAS Software or to another partner who will then implement the project. Throughout the collaboration, you have the opportunity to play a supportive role, gaining valuable CAS skills along the way. chevron_right
Certified, Premium und Gold Partner As an established company with a successful track record in the IT industry, you can provide expert advisory services and proficiently implement CAS solutions. You boast outstanding sales expertise and proficiency in software configuration. Upon completion of partner training and the successful execution of initial projects, you will be designated as a Certified Partner. To ensure sustained high-quality standards, regular re-certifications are conducted. And by meeting additional criteria, you have the opportunity to become a Premium or Gold Partner. chevron_right

Added value as a CAS CRM partner

At a glance

  • New sales opportunities within an expanding market
  • Attractive conditions for business success
  • Qualified support at every stage of the partnership
  • Extensive experience with over 200 partners worldwide
  • Award-winning partner program
  • Comprehensive portfolio of CRM solutions for an array of industries

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