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Engineers share some common qualities with project management and customer consulting, namely, efficiency and precision. Impress your customers with your engineering office: manage contacts professionally, bill processes and streamline your project management. With CAS Engineering at your center, your engineers provide efficient customer services by working seamlessly with their customers – completely satisfying their customer needs.

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  • Cost efficientStreamline project planning, processing, controlling and customer management
  • EngageControl internal and external communication efficiently via one system
  • BundledManage all project and customer data in one industry solution
  • Industry specificChoose the CRM solution adapted to your engineering office
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CAS Engineering – CRM software helps engineers to manage their projects efficiently

Engineering offices face many challenges when managing projects

Engineers are working in different projects and must streamline their project management processes. Whether they work in Electrical Engineering, Process Technology, Automation Technology, Mechatronics, Medical Technology or Mechanical Engineering – a project engineer needs an exact insight about ongoing processes and customer relationships. During a project, phases and processes continuously change: innovation cycles make it even harder for project managers to stay on track. Especially when expert knowledge is demanded from customers, engineers need to be able to explain technical questions quickly and precisely.

Better manage your projects with the support of a CRM solution designed for engineers

Checklists or other methods belong to the past. With a CRM solution, engineers can efficiently manage their projects – from planning to construction. Project requests from different stakeholders, such as project teams, suppliers or customers, can be scaled and adequately answered. Organizing projects and defining working processes with a software solution is only possible because all the data is bundled. Sharing and linking data opens up new opportunities and improvements for managing projects.

CAS Engineering: CRM software for engineers

With CAS Engineering, the project responsible can control all processes from developing of the product idea to managing larger projects and administering relevant customer data. Projects can thus be managed precisely and efficiently. Project management software not only supports engineers in creating quotes or the controlling team with automatic functions, but you can also all important data while on the move.

For more detailed information look up the “The Association of German Engineers (VDI)” website. The VDI also provides information on seminars, Bachelor or Master study programs and much, much more.

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