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No more decisions based on gut feelings: your management team makes informed decisions based on well-grounded forecasts. By utilizing CAS genesisWorld as your central CRM system, you can proactively and strategically manage your company while gaining quick insights into figures, data and facts in real time through transparent controlling.

Start your day well informed: automated and up-to-the-minute daily reports and forecasts present you with all the necessary information in a visually intelligent manner, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your company’s resilience through key success indicators and figures.

In short: CRM helps you keep track of your customer profitability, operating efficiency and sales forecasts.

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Your management advantages with CAS genesisWorld
at a glance

  • Fast analyses, accurate forecasts With CRM, you receive up-to-the-minute daily reports, empowering you to make informed decisions and effectively manage your business.
  • Smart data visualization, quick decisions With CRM and the use of intelligent indicator widgets, you obtain a fast and transparent overview of all critical information.
  • entralized database, efficient processes With CRM, you create automated processes, streamlined workflows and a centralized corporate memory for your data.
  • Flexible customizations, ideal workspaces With CRM, you enjoy maximum flexibility to customize your digital workspace to meet your requirements and achieve greater efficiency.
  • Future-proof foundation, strong resilience With CRM, you can respond to market changes quickly and flexibly, align your activities to the customer’s needs and prepare your company for the future.
  • Uncompromising data security, rapid ROI With CRM from the German software manufacturer, you can rely on future-proof CRM products that support GDPR-compliant and inspiring customer management.
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Keep an eye on all your business figures
with the right management tool

Real-time insights and evaluations:
create accurate sales forecasts

AI-based data analysis and automated probability calculations provide valuable information and make forecasts more reliable. This provides you with accurate revenue forecasts for validated decision making.

Customizable dashboards equipped with multiple indicator widgets enable you to easily understand the current status, the progress of crucial key figures and the latest forecast at a glance.

Maximum transparency:
360° view of customer information

Your customers are the foundation of your business. CAS genesisWorld offers you a transparent display of all customer information, allowing you to enhance your understanding of it. The company dossier interactively displays the structure of companies, organizations and networks to help you discover new business opportunities and get off to a successful start.

Acceptance and trust:
customize your CRM as required

Increase your teams’ productivity through acceptance and trust: CAS genesisWorld, provides an enjoyable and efficient user experience thanks to its fresh and contemporary design, intuitive operation and customizable features.

With SmartDesign® technology, CAS genesisWorld is an intelligent and adaptive CRM + AIA® solution that effortlessly adjusts to new challenges and scales alongside your company. This innovative technology ensures a secure investment and a prompt ROI.

Data protection without compromises:
maintain control over your data

In the age of mobile work and digital offices, a reliable CRM solution is essential for ensuring data protection compliance: we prioritize the security of your sensitive company data above all else. Certified with the Seal of Quality “” and distinguished as “Software Made & Hosted in Germany”, CAS genesisWorld stands for uncompromising security of your data and compliance with GDPR.

The sophisticated rights system prevents unauthorized access to sensitive customer data. Our mobile app is equipped with the AppConfig Community standard to provide an extra layer of security while you are on the go.

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