Opportunities are defined as being prospects who have demonstrated a high probability of being transformed into customers with the purchase of a product or a service. Opportunities are part of the Customer acquisition process and should therefore always form part of sales process in which companies try to convince potential customers to make a purchase.

Make the best out of every sales opportunity

Companies have an active interest in making the most of their opportunities and transforming as many of them as possible into sales. Professional Customer Relationship Management software (CRM Software) is an essential support in this process. In a CRM solution, all the information on an opportunity is recorded systematically in a data record: This information can take the form of notes and details on the first time contact was made to important address and contact data as well as any subsequent correspondence and offers made. This enables Customer Management to always have an overview of the current situation across all the sales processes and also of the general development of opportunities.

Why use CRM software to manage opportunities?

Every opportunity is recorded and followed-up systematically using CRM software, this means nothing slips through the net. Additionally, you can also set up standardized processes in your CRM software to follow-up opportunities, thus every employee who take a look at the data record will see immediately what the next step in the sales process should be. Thanks to the common Groupware data record, the sales team can work seamlessly hand-in-hand: With spontaneous customer enquiries, employees only have to click once to access the complete sales history of the prospect which they can view at a glance. This means customer or prospects requests can be targetted and processed quickly and professionally. This increases customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and the probability of closing a deal.

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