CRM software

Customer Relationship Management software (CRM Software) describes a computer program that supports companies in numerous areas of their customer relationship management. As a rule, CRM software is standardized software that is used by all the departments within a company. Often the terms CRM solution and CRM system are used as synonyms for CRM software.

Contents and functions of CRM software

The main function of CRM software is the effective management, recall and enrichment of customer data. The basis of any CRM software is the address and contact data of your customers. In addition, other data is saved such as customer history, the number and frequency of customer queries, customer documents as well as orders and completed sales. Professional CRM solutions also enable the use of templates for documents such as mailings and form letters which you can use directly in your system.

Comprehensive CRM software also enables integrations with standard business software also known as ERP software solutions. Consequently, you can plan the use of time, money and other material resources in your company exactly

Benefits of CRM software for companies

Implementing standardized CRM software has a number of advantages for companies. Because all the departments in a company such as sales, marketing and the call center all access the same, current customer information, customer enquiries can be processed faster and more efficiently. This increases customer satisfaction and strengthens the customer relationship.

Furthermore, other processes in your company will also run more efficiently due to the implementation of a professional CRM software system. For example, repeated customer calls no longer trigger a chain of parallel processes and you can forward customer calls easily without losing key information or having to repeatedly transfer their call. Additionally, all your departments can benefit from a cross-company solution for CRM, because of the shared data synergies that arise between departments. For example, your marketing department can use sales data to tailor their advertising campaigns more exactly to the requirements of their target groups.

Professional CRM systems also provide companies with a means of exact analysis of their customer relationships and sales processes. So that for example, a company can determine how long their sales team requires, on average, to process a customer enquiry and, in which areas the most complaints occur, or which geographical regions still have untapped sales potential. Basically, the company learns where and how it can improve its customer relationships and receives important information on possible ways to increase turnover.

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