Data quality

Data quality describes the correctness of data. This factor determines how reliable a data record is, and to what extent you can use the data record.

Increase customer satisfaction by improving the quality of your address data

The quality of address data is especially important in customer and contact management. As it is often the case that customers cannot be contacted immediately, because their contact data is too old or incorrect, and the time needed to check and update details often results in considerable costs. Duplicates are another problem that affect data management, typically duplicates are characterized by similarly named address data in the system which has been maintained more than once and which refers to the same contact. CRM systems help you to keep the quality of your address data at a high level, which has a positive effect on the quality of your customer relations.


Easier address imports promote error-free data management

Our CRM system, CAS genesisWorld offers a range of practical functions for improving your data quality. When managing your address data, you can benefit from the autocomplete function, so when you enter an address that fits the postal code, the city or town and the state are completed automatically for you, this also works with the form of address and salutation which are adapted to suit the title and first name/second name, similarly the bank details and BIC numbers are entered that match the bank sort code - all of this is done automatically. Not only does this reduce the time and effort involved in managing data, but it also reduces the margin of error.

Another useful function is the address wizard. In the blink of an eye, the address wizard can help you to record new contact information, for example, by taking the address data from the legals page of a Web site or extracting the data from an e-mail signature. This clever wizard recognizes the component parts of an address and then extracts the data to the respective fields in the CRM system address mask.


The duplicate check avoids duplicate address data

CAS genesisWorld also carries out an additional background check for duplicates on any new address data that you enter, thus the system checks to see whether or not a contact already exists in the CRM system as a duplicate. This prevents mail merges and mailshots or even Christmas cards from being sent out twice. 


Central address management with regularly updated customer data

Define mandatory fields and make sure that no fields are empty - especially with respect to data protection regulations. Address checks and enrichment also ensure that you always have the correct address and contact data for your customers. In the process, you addresses are compared with a reference database and any differences or discrepancies are displayed.

A notification and action service also ensures process security: this is done by automatically checking any data records with incomplete, or incorrectly completed data fields, the service can be set up to notify an employee you nominate of any changes.

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