Address management

Address management consists of the uniform storing and effective sorting of address data. This is done with the help of a CRM solution. Besides the classic contact data such as addresses, profiles are created in the database which can be expanded to include individual information such as product interests or similar. Address management can be used in dialog marketing, direct marketing and contact management. It has a number of uses, mainly to help generally with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer loyalty and customer focus activities. Data protection plays a major role, however, this can be guaranteed with a professional CRM solution.

Advantages of address management

Bringing all the data together in a central database offers many advantages for companies: for example, when used in conjunction with CRM software for address management, and sales management functionality your customer data and contacts can be created, viewed and organized immediately. As a result, customer related data can be used efficiently and strategically to address customers personally and thus increase loyalty. And because you are maintaining your data on a regular basis, the data quality is very high. In addition, these features save your employees a lot time as they don't need to spend so much time searching for customer data and process customer requests more quickly.


Mobile address management

The world is becoming more mobile: nowadays, it's becoming more and more important to be able to view and process customer data and contacts while mobile. Which is why mobile CRM in address management has become so significant. With the help of special CRM applications, your employees can already process all relevant customer data on smartphones or other mobile devices such as tablet-PCs. This capability guarantees more opportunities for customer acquisitions and improvements in customer loyalty even while mobile.

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