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With Sales CPQ to sustainable sales success

Sales CPQ is the main CAS Merlin CPQ module and the basis upon which our CPQ solution is built. With this module you can extend your sales processes and quote creation beyond pure product configuration.

In addition, you can expand your CPQ software with any number of modules from our product world so that all your requirements are covered in one solution.

CAS Merlin CPQ supports your sales staff in every phase of the individual customer journey - whether during the initial contact at the start of a project, when configuring the optimum customer solution or in the cross-selling process. Implement Sales CPQ for a more efficient digital sales and quoting process - while keeping your customers in focus.

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Your advantages with Sales CPQ

  • High precision and consistencyProvide your sales team with on-demand access to product knowledge, including technical feasibility and pricing structures for available variants with a CPQ solution.
  • Error-free quotesThe configuration logic helps to prevent errors in configurations and orders, thus helping to reduce double handling and any change costs as well as minimize the number of complaints.
  • Efficient salesCPQ software automates lots of manual tasks associated with the sales process. Consequently, your sales team can concentrate more on contact with customers.
  • Optimized pricing and profitabilityWith the help of CPQ software, companies can implement dynamic pricing strategies based on market conditions, customer segmentation and product margins.

Functions at a glance 

Upgrade your sales 

Smart configuration according to customer requirements

With the help of intelligent assistants (AIA®), your sales teams can configure the optimum customer solution with just a few clicks. Use AIA® Optimization to align sales processes precisely with the needs of your customers by optimizing the configuration based on specific criteria.

For example, you have the option of combining your desired margin with the customer's requirements for sustainability or delivery time in the configuration, thereby creating a win-win solution for you and your customer. Our smart assistant Vivi supports you in this process by recommending the best solutions for the customer.

Transparent order calculation

With the transparent view of prices and calculations in the CPQ software, purchase and sales prices, discounts, rental and leasing prices as well as the margin of products and various financing models can be displayed at a glance. This makes it easier to manage a growing variety of products and calculate complex calculations in a matter of seconds. This provides companies with a means of realizing dynamic price strategies.

Realtime quote configuration

The CPQ solution creates individual, technically feasible quotations at the touch of a button and calculates complex prices flawlessly. Products and services can also be configured according to the specific requirements and preferences of customers in different regions and prices can be displayed in different currencies.

Customers can add notes to the digital quote they created in the form of comments. The digital representation of the offer gives sales staff the opportunity to actively involve customers in the process and facilitates communication.

Clear processes - all leads in one inbox

Current offers are listed transparently and clearly in the inbox. For each quote, current agents and status can be viewed directly. As a result, your sales team always have an eye on all the current enquiries and leads.

More functions

Consistent quote process Tap into each stage of the customer journey and pick up customers based on their needs. Break up data silos using intelligent guided selling and optimize your quotes. chevron_right
Integrated feasibility check The automatic comparison of the set of rules with the quote configuration eliminates the chance of any invalid combinations. Your quotes will always be error free. chevron_right
Automatic document creation Technical data sheets such as Excel files with feature combinations and product properties, as well as manuals and other document types are created automatically. chevron_right

What is the added value of CAS Merlin CPQ compared to product configuration software?

Software for product configuration is focused purely on quote configuration. CAS Merlin CPQ doe not just optimize the quote process, but also keeps an eye on the whole sales process. Besides the configuration (Configure), the sales team can perform complex proposal calculations (Price) and afterwards generate documents (Quote) such as quotes, Excel tables, manuals or BOMs automatically. CAS Merlin CPQ enriches the sales process with product knowledge, makes recommendations, assists with product identification and focuses on the customer as the central element of sales.

To what extent does CAS Merlin CPQ support cross-departmental collaboration?

CAS Merlin CPQ breaks down data silos: As a CPQ + AIA® solution, it manages the collective product knowledge and creates a uniform knowledge base according to the principle of the single source of truth. This creates trust between the departments and enables end-to-end collaboration, for example by product management specifying the rules for technical feasibility and sales being able to configure the optimum product without errors.

In addition, AIA® Collaboration supports the whole process and helps to combine different levels of knowledge, incorporate coordination results and the needs of many different stakeholders in one tool so that everyone involved is fully informed and up to date.

Can I integrate my reseller network into my sales processes via Sales CPQ?

Using the Reseller CPQ module to easily integrate your dealership network into the sales process. This ensures that you and your dealers have access to the same pool of knowledge about your product and solution landscape at all times - based on the single source of truth approach. It is also possible to assign individual rights and define, for example, which users can create discounts or have access to certain editing areas. Adaptation to the dealer's specific CI is also possible. Build up your dealer network in a structured way right from the start. This is how an additional point of sale is created, which you can use to strengthen your sales.

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Sales CPQ in practice

Examples of use cases beyond the classic configuration

After Sales

CAS Merlin CPQ gives sales teams a clear overview of both product diversity and after-sales service.For every machine sold, the sales team can also sell additional services such as spares, optional extras or maintenance agreements. This opens up further sales potential in the areas of up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers.

With Sales CPQ, sales teams can see at a glance which products are already in use and if they are being used with any customizations, sales staff can then use this information to suggest tailor-made variants or solutions accordingly.

Service and contract configuration

With the service configuration teams can create agreements of differing complexity such as maintenance and support agreements for potential customers. Using Sales CPQ, documents are always kept current while complying with specified framework conditions such as corporate design. After the successful completion of an order, you can create maintenance agreements for your customers which have been specially adapted to their needs.

The use case can be transferred to IT services or other services, for example, if a company sells contracts with a certain printing capacity. This example of the All for One Group, demonstrates how an efficient, successful and transparent contract might be created in practice.

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