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Maximal sales efficiency with Reseller CPQ

Use the Reseller CPQ module for agile and transparent multi-channel sales in a complex network of sales channels.

The benefits: You design the point of sale with your resellers to be just as intuitive and impressive as all the other customer journey touchpoints. Your resellers can access up-to-date and valid pricelists at any time and can work on the same common current knowledge base as you - the so-called single source of truth.

Consequently, both you and your reseller network always have a clear overview of the leads, potential customers and their sales status. Using Reseller CPQ link your sales processes to those of your resellers and work closely together.

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Your advantages with Reseller CPQ

  • Consistency across all touchpointsYou work transparently and efficiently with your resellers, because all of your data is stored and available in one central system.
  • Always up-to-dateWhether changing prices, product changes or taking a look at your current leads – you create a single source of truth for all involved.
  • Simple and efficient reseller on-boardingThanks to the intuitive operation your resellers can start immediately without requiring any training and they always have an overview of the complex product world.
  • Impressive customer journeyUsing Reseller CPQ you can design the point of sale with your resellers just as intuitively and delightfully as all your other touchpoints along the customer journey.

Functions at a glance

Professional reseller network

Guided selling for resellers Guided selling leads your reseller intuitively and in an uncomplicated way to individual customer solutions. Independent of how complex a project is - Reseller CPQ ensures a professional quotation process for resellers. chevron_right
Resellers' corporate designs Resellers can create and send dynamic images of their desired variants as well as their documents in their own corporate design. You define languages individually too, to allow for national or international resellers. chevron_right
Tracking reseller commission Push transparency to the max for your resellers and your sales team. Resellers display the commission for their sales directly. chevron_right
Realtime updates Base your collaboration with your resellers on a common pool of knowledge. Realtime price lists reduce the long-winded decision loops and accelerate the creation of current data. chevron_right
Overview of leads and status Together with your resellers, you have an overview at any time of your current requests and their status. The respective resellers can work together with sales and the customer via the AIA® Collaboration. chevron_right
Intuitive onboarding With intuitive and simple onboarding you can integrate your new resellers quickly into your processes. Create additional touchpoints along the customer journey for an excellent customer experience. chevron_right

What is the added value of Reseller CPQ?

Regardless of your focus, whether guided selling or reseller sales – all the stakeholders work with the same common system and knowledge basis. The transparency between you and your resellers is high and long reconciliation processes along the way in individual steps are avoided. Our CPQ solution allows your resellers to be just as professional as you are in their own sales.

Does Reseller CPQ also work without Sales CPQ?

Yes, because Reseller CPQ expands Sales CPQ. If you would like to equip a reseller with Reseller CPQ, then they do not require the Sales CPQ module. The CPQ software is based on the principle of single source of truth, and thus ensures consistency and transparency within the processes.

At what point do I need Reseller CPQ?

Reseller CPQ will prove useful to you whether you wish to build a reseller network or if you already have one, especially if your resellers come from different countries. We also recommend using the software in situations where your product world is being constantly updated as your resellers would have to update this information continually to keep pace. It is not just your products which will convince your resellers, but also your use of modern processes and appropriate software.

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Reseller CPQ in practice

Use cases for individual configuration solutions

Bavaria Yachts

Our customer, Bavaria Yachts, show how Reseller CPQ can be integrated seamlessly into sales processes and how a perfect interplay between different components can arise.

Every yacht built at Bavaria Yachts is unique, it is created from a variety of different materials and individual components. The focus of any configuration is of course the customer's personal wishes. As configuration options are almost unlimited, the more than 100 resellers worldwide need a tool which provides them with professional quotation functionality in line with the renowned brand of Bavaria Yachts. CAS Merlin CPQ ensures that Bavaria Yachts has a consistent pool of knowledge to work with in their targeted, multi-channel sales involving more than 100 international partners.

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