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Effortless collaboration with AIA®

Configuration processes often involve numerous people across different departments. To offer an end-to-end customer journey without losing any up- or cross-selling potential, interdepartmental cooperation has to function flawlessly.

This seamless exchange without silo thinking is also necessary in order to advise customers with supplementary offers in the after-sales phase or to implement special customer requests that go beyond a classic configuration.

AIA® Collaboration helps you to connect teams, improve the efficiency of work processes and reduce the time spent on coordination.

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Your highlight with AIA® Collaboration

  • Networking expertsAll internal stakeholders and experts work together with a clear and well-structured quote creation process.
  • Interactive quote processThe digital quote enables direct coordination with customers and the processing of quote components.
  • Optimized sales processCustomer feedback, workflows or special requests in ETO processes are all modelled in a single system.
  • Process reliability through transparent workflowsConsistent process reliability is the direct result of transparent workflows and a systematic approach.

Functions at a glance

Transparent cooperation

AIA® Collaboration connects all the experts involved in the quote creation process, accelerates the coordination process and unites different states of knowledge. All those involved in the quote process are thus fully informed and up-to-date. Based on this, the sales employee can coordinate digitally and easily with the customer.

Effective quote configuration

Whether approval processes for special requests or the preparation of quotations across several departments: AIA® Collaboration supports cross-departmental collaboration and promotes internal exchange with various experts from different specialist areas.




Interactive quote process

The great advantage of using an AIA® Collaboration is the high level of transparency and the consistency of information flow. For example, your sales team will find all of the previous communications with the customer in one central dossier and they can also link this communications history with the quote. Consequently, any last minute customer wishes regarding the configuration or other changes can be clearly traced and understood.

Clear workflow management

Multiple people are often involved in the creation of a quote. AIA® Collaboration supports the coordination process by allowing various workflows to be mapped. Common workflows include various approval processes, such as price approvals for exceptional discounts or approvals of special requests that must first be checked in an ETO process.

Keep everything in view with the Inbox

In the Inbox you can see a clear list of all current offers as well as current processors and the status. This enables the whole sales team to keep a close eye on the progress of each and every quote.

Is AIA® Collaboration a stand-alone software solution?

AIA® Optimization is not a stand-alone program, but an extension of the Sales CPQ modules. With the license for AIA® Collaboration, you can unlock additional functions in Sales CPQ.

Which CPQ assistant should I use, and when?

If your workflows are characterized by regular reconciliation and approvals as well as multiple feedback loops in the quotation creation process, you will increase the efficiency of your sales department, especially using AIA® Collaboration.

AIA® Optimization on the other hand, is particularly suitable for companies that have a comprehensive variant space and whose focus is on customer centricity and perfect quotation preparation. It is also used successfully in connection with complex requirements such as laws, guidelines and regulations.

Combine both AIA®s with each other and rely 100 % on Customer Centricity.

Are CAS Merlin CPQ and the CPQ assistants cloud-capable and EU-GDPR conform?

CAS Merlin CPQ and all associated modules such as the CPQ assistants can be used as a cloud solution. In addition to maximum flexibility in terms of individualization of your CPQ + AIA® solution, your data is protected in accordance with the guidelines of the EU-GDPR. The subscription model guarantees you individual software tailoring and transparent costs. So you can start your CPQ cloud project worry-free and without financial hurdles.

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AIA® Collaboration in practice

Use case examples of the intelligent assistants

Transparent workflow management

With AIA® Collaboration complex hierarchies can be clearly mapped for multi-level quotation approvals. In the approval process, for example, only individual quotation elements can be approved so that a sales manager does not need to have the entire quotation available.

Engineer to Order (ETO) processes are also supported by AIA® Collaboration, as the sales employee can record special requests and these can then be checked directly by the responsible technical department. Before the configuration is sent out to the customer for approval, the engineering department checks it for feasibility or reports any necessary adjustments to the sales department. If the configuration is technically feasible, then it is sent to the customer. This saves any time-consuming changes and leads to a much smoother quotation process and satisfied customers.


On the safe side

With CAS Merlin CPQ you can generate flawless and legally compliant contracts. Current legal bases and regulations are defined within the framework of the technical rules and regulations. This effectively prevents any errors in the configuration.

Legal bases and regulations can easily be changed at any time and in realtime so that you are always up-to-date. With AIA® Collaboration, contract texts, for example, can be quickly checked by the legal department.

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