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Use AIA® Optimization to arrive at an optimal quote

A high level of complexity in the sales process due to services, product diversity and financing models can present companies with challenges. With CAS Merlin CPQ + AIA® Optimization, you are opting for a solution that will help you to maintain an overview and optimize your quotation preparation.

AIA® stands for Augmented Intelligence Assistants, which do not make their own decisions in the process, but enrich the knowledge of their users and contribute to an optimal configuration with comprehensible suggestions.

AIA® Optimization provides precise configuration recommendations based on historical data. The type and scope of the recommendations can be individually regulated. In addition, the smart assistants can not only make recommendations, but also optimize the configuration based on defined criteria. Experience how digitalization is revolutionizing the sale of complex solutions and products.

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Your highlights with AIA® Optimization  

  • Maximize customer useAIA® Optimization recommends suitable services that perfectly complement the product. This enables sales staff not only to increase sales of the main product, but also to generate additional revenue.
  • Increase efficiency in salesBased on customer requirements and AI algorithms, you can create the optimum configuration with just a few clicks and intelligent recommendations. As a result, you save valuable time in the quote creation process.
  • Optimizing the quote processWith AIA® Optimization, the sales department can optimize the configuration according to specific criteria such as margin, CO2 emissions, delivery time or technical parameters and adapt it to other customer requirements.
  • Coping with demographic changeThanks to the recommender system and AIA® Optimization, new sales employees can quickly and easily familiarize themselves with the onboarding process - even without full product knowledge.

Functions at a glance

The perfect interplay between AI and sales

AIA® Optimization enables sales teams to redefine the configuration approach and offers unique added value. By combining the benefits of artificial intelligence with the expertise of the sales team, the module enables your teams to create data-driven and customer-oriented sales processes.

Intelligent configuration recommendations

Use the power of AI and deep learning to gain valuable insights from historical data. Our AI assistant Vivi analyzes previous customer interactions to recommend configuration options that match customers' preferences and priorities. By using data-based intelligence combined with the advice of your experts, sales teams can create customized offers that achieve maximum impact.

Optimized configuration processes

Thanks to the optimization function, sales teams can create quotes at the click of a button. Advanced algorithms are used to analyze the intricacies of your product offering and the requirements of your customers in order to develop win-win solutions. In order to configure ideal offers, the sales department defines relevant criteria and generates an optimal solution variant based on them. For example, configurations can be optimized for better margins for your sales team while taking into account customers' key criteria such as delivery time, weight, energy consumption and more.

What added value does AIA® Optimization offer?

AIA® Optimization enables the almost perfect implementation of customer and sales requirements through weighting and prioritization and optimizes your configuration. A configuration can be optimized according to delivery time, CO2 emissions or margin, for example, and created with one click using intelligent recommendations.

The recommender system makes sales processes simpler and more solution- and customer-oriented. This gives your sales team more time to provide exceptionally good customer service. While at the same time, enabling your sales team to gain more knowledge.

Is AIA® optimization stand-alone software?

AIA® Optimization is not a stand-alone program, but an extension of the Sales CPQ and Customer CPQ modules. Using the license for AIA® optimization, you can unlock additional functions.

Which AIA® assistant should I use, and when?

If your work processes are characterized by regular coordination and approval meetings as well as several feedback loops in the preparation of quotations, you will increase the AIA® Collaboration efficiency of your sales. 

AIA® Optimization, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for companies that have a comprehensive variant space and whose focus is on customer centricity and perfect quotation preparation. It is also used successfully in connection with complex requirements such as laws, guidelines and regulations.

Combine both AIA®s with each other and rely 100% on digital sales.

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AIA® Optimization in practice

Use case examples

Guided Selling 2.0 

The Augmented Intelligence assistant Vivi utilizes existing configuration data to provide helpful and optimally fitting recommendations for a configuration in the sales process. With guided selling, the sales representative is systematically guided through the configuration process and receives recommendations for product configuration or expansion options for the offer with suitable services. These recommendations are also available to end customers with the Customer CPQ module.

An example of upselling with guided selling in the B2B Software Industry. Whether during or after the quotation process, AIA® optimization promotes up-selling and cross-selling in sales teams. At the right moment, sales representatives are shown which additional accessories or necessary service agreements match the end customer's desired product. An algorithm defines essential product properties from the desired requirements and makes corresponding suggestions.

Sustainability in the sales process

In the use case GreenConfiguration, the sustainability of variant-rich products and complex services is made visible so that sales teams can configure the optimal product variant based on environmental goals such as sustainability. Consequently, this creates great added value thanks to ecological and environmentally conscious market positioning.

Users can transparently compare the environmental impact of different components and factor this into their configuration decisions. Among other things, resource consumption, CO2 emissions or water pollution of a product variant are evaluated in relation to the entire life cycle of a product family. Sustainability information is captured in CAS Merlin CPQ and visualized in a target-group-oriented manner using GreenConfiguration.

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