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Car dealerships are confronted with the challenge of having to make a difference with their products and services to gain competitive advantage. A CRM solution is the key to professionally manage customers. A CRM system supports car dealerships in efficiently monitoring their sales activities and helps to automate many job workflows in different areas ranging from sales to repair shop processes.

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  • Manage sales and profit from a sales dashboard
  • Offer personal customer services thanks to a clear customer history
  • Manage service and customer appointments
  • Easily evaluate all sales data
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Professional CRM for your car dealership


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When buying a vehicle, customers expect excellent service and qualified advice from their dealer. For many people, the purchase of a new car ranks as the second most expensive investment they will make. A car should satisfy individual functional requirements, and also mirror its owner's personality. Successful car dealers therefore require a deep knowledge of their customers' wishes, and they need to put these needs in the center of their customer management.

Wow your customers with the help of a CRM tool

Revolutionize your sales practices and customer interactions in your car dealerships with a professional customer relationship management solution. With a CRM solution, you coordinate all your customer touch points: employees access customer contact data centrally, as well as their preferences and purchase history. Test drives are logged directly into the car dealership software, and you don't have to worry whether a car is already taken or not. Each time an employee is in contact with a customer, they just open the customer dossier for a complete overview of the customer history. Thanks to your professional customer relationship management, customers will experience your car dealership as a reliable business partner who can provide them with the best advice to buy the car that’s right for them.

Sustainable customer management with customer management for car dealerships

Your car dealership CRM solution will support you in providing follow-up services to customers after the purchase of a car. And remind satisfied customers not to miss their regular car check-ups, or inform them about new models via targeted e-mail campaigns. Your customers will feel taken care of and will happily recommend you to other possible buyers – your investment in a CRM solution will pay off in the long term.

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