CRM for your company

for efficient teamwork & optimal customer support 

CAS genesisWorld, as your CRM + AIA® solution, enables you to consolidate all customer and prospect-related information and processes in a secure, transparent and cross-departmental fashion, ensuring full compliance with data protection regulations. 

Utilize intelligent assistants, smart functions and individual dashboards for your relationship and information management. Automate workflows, inspire through exceptional service and design intelligent interactions.

In short: CRM allows you to provide maximum transparency, customize individual workspaces and set the foundation for an intelligent company.

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Your company-wide CRM benefits at a glance

  • Automated workflow management for greater efficiencyWith CRM, you establish uniform, automated processes and ensure accurate and up-to-date customer data.
  • Maximum transparency for optimal customer supportWith CRM, you organize customer information in a structured and chronological manner, ensuring company-wide availability.
  • Proactive management for increased growthWith CRM, you provide an overview of critical key figures, enabling agile responses to market shifts.
  • Cutting-edge distribution for accelerated sales successWith CRM, you allow your sales team to monitor all points of contact with customers and prospects.
  • Individual interactions for emotional relationshipsWith CRM, you plan targeted campaigns and address your customers individually.
  • Cutting-edge working environment for motivated employeesWith CRM, you experience digital freedom and tailor your workspace to suit your needs.

Utilizing the appropriate CRM functions

to offer inspiration at every touchpoint

Faster retrieval of information:
Role-based dashboards for every situation

Utilize CAS genesisWorld to create comprehensive dashboard views throughout your company, tailored to various user groups and enabling quick access to all relevant information.

Start the day well informed with the intelligent Picasso search: Gain a comprehensive overview of all essential daily activities, tasks and sales opportunities at a glance. Or display defined data, such as turnover figures, complaints or products used for customers or projects, via individually configured dashboards.

Central address and data management:
360-degree view of information

Get to know your customers even better: Within the customer dossier, all entries related to an address, including emails, appointments, tasks, documents, orders, receipts and overall correspondence, are organized and presented in a chronological manner.

Integrate customer-related processes throughout the company using the customer file and create a 360-degreeview of customer information across all departments, ensuring superior service and facilitating prompt decision-making. 

Intelligent workflow management:
Automated processes for more efficiency

Bring your teams together and boost efficiency: With provided views and automated workflows, your employees can maintain consistent and seamless processes throughout the company. In doing so, you have access to the most crucial information from every data record at all times – even while on the go and in offline mode.

Ensure greater efficiency for appointment and task management: The integrated Kanban-style dashboard view visualizes the tasks, processes or activities of your teams. Guarantee smart communication: Through the seamless integration of Microsoft Teams and telephony, initiate online meetings directly within your CRM, thereby enhancing productivity and facilitating the sharing of documents.

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Your intelligent CRM

Harness the power of the intelligent CAS genesisWorld assistants to enhance personal productivity and expedite success with the aid of artificial intelligence, benefiting both you and your employees.

Utilize our Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA®) and SmartActions to enjoy comprehensive support for your daily tasks, to engage in effective communication with customers and business partners and to establish an optimal foundation for well-informed decision-making.

CRM functions for your applications

Strengthen teamwork, increase productivity

Utilize CAS genesisWorld across your entire company while customizing it to cater to your specific application requirements: Intelligent and time-saving features ease the burden of daily tasks, boost efficiency and productivity and help cultivate inspiring customer relationships through targeted, customer-centric interactions across all areas.

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