Simple customization of your CRM

Flexibly adapt interfaces

Irrespective of the requirements and structures within your company, a CRM + AIA® solution, designed as a scalable and future-proof platform, effortlessly accommodates your needs and aspirations and grows in line with your company.

CAS genesisWorld empowers users, CRM managers and administrators with unparalleled flexibility to design interfaces, customize input assistance, create central templates and seamlessly align business relationships and processes according to each company's unique requirements.

In short: Design your individual CRM with ease and create uniform and consistent processes while implementing adaptable and predefined workflows.

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Your CRM advantages for customizing at a glance

  • Flexibly customize your CRMDisplay fields in folders, views and data records throughout the company in a uniform design, while centrally establishing default settings for users.
  • Intuitive and update safeYour customizations maintain a consistent look and feel across all relevant end devices, including smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop PCs, ensuring update safety.
  • Integrate third-party solutions for a 360° viewEfficiently eliminate data silos within your system landscape and seamlessly connect vital information through a continuous flow of data.
  • Data security and data safetyTake advantage of key functions at a central location to ensure that your company's handling of customer data is legally compliant and in line with the GDPR.
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The right customizing tools to

 customize your CRM across the company

Tailored apps to suit your specific requirements:
Customizing without programming skills

We believe that software should conform to company processes, rather than requiring the company to adapt to the software. The App Designer helps you to adaptively design the apps and interfaces of your CRM. You can intuitively drag and drop information, modules, fields or charts from existing apps, or effortlessly create your own custom apps. With the help of the App Designer, scripting (JavaScript), key figures, calculations and processes can be customized to the specific needs of your company.

Define defaults at a central location:
Adaptively and uniformly

A flexible CRM enables you to optimally map current processes and proactively shape future workflows. Our CRM+ AIA® solution CAS genesisWorld offers the right functions for every use case. As the administrator, you establish the standards once and manage user administration centrally and conveniently through the Management Console, ensuring compliance with crucial data protection requirements.

CRM seamlessly integrated:
For an optimal 360° comprehensive view 

Unleash new possibilities for relationship management by optimally integrating a CRM solution into your existing system landscape. CAS genesisWorld allows you to seamlessly integrate third-party applications through CAS' proprietary OpenSync framework. Consolidate information from third-party solutions, such as ERP, PPS or DMS, as well as Microsoft Outlook & Exchange, Teams and other Office solutions in a central location. This transforms CRM into a holistic information and customer data platform, offering a 360° comprehensive view without the need for duplicate data maintenance.

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