Customer orientation

A steadfast focus on customer orientation boosts customer satisfaction

Customer orientation and proximity are key factors in the success of any corporate strategy. To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, it is essential to align all corporate activities with customer needs and to nurture sustainable customer relationships.

Efficient customer management (CRM) demonstrably increases customer satisfaction: Through faster response times to customer inquiries, a seamless flow of information among all those involved in customer support and thus an enhanced feedback management system. In short: CRM improves your customer service.

CRM systems improve customer orientation

To elevate your customer service standards, we provide professional software tailored to enhance customer orientation: Our CRM software CAS genesisWorld. It is specially tailored to the requirements of mid-sized companies and has solidified its position as the CRM market leader in comparison to the competition.

Clever functions facilitate internal work processes, thereby helping to improve customer orientation. With just a few clicks, each employee has access to the entire customer file, empowering them to proficiently address inquiries, swiftly generate offers and seamlessly route queries to the appropriate specialized departments. By optimizing the software for mobile devices, sales staff can effortlessly access crucial data at all times, even while on the go.

Easily determining and analyzing customer satisfaction

Actual customer satisfaction can only be measured through direct feedback from customers. CAS genesisWorld provides invaluable support in this regard, offering modules for an online survey that can be used to simply evaluate customer satisfaction. The survey responses can then be seamlessly integrated into the CRM system along with the respective data records.

Further, CAS genesisWorld offers helpful functions for marketing and sales activities, e.g. for selecting target groups or analyzing sales opportunities and top customers. And customer service is also a big priority: With the additional Helpdesk module, support inquiries are recorded and handled efficiently. 

Harnessing the power of the entire network with XRM

In addition to prioritizing customer orientation, it is vital for future success to nurture wide ranging relationships, including with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, media outlets and even competitors. XRM - "Anything Relationship Management" - is the name of this logical further development of CRM. CAS Software AG also offers unique know-how and diverse solutions for XRM.

Do you want to achieve optimal customer orientation?

Through our adaptive CRM + AIA® solution CAS genesisWorld, we offer more than just a CRM. Pro-actively manage your relationships, intelligently network the collective knowledge of your entire company and collaborate efficiently and seamlessly with your team, regardless of the location. Our intelligent assistants provide support and simplify your daily processes.

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