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Integrate CPQ into your system landscape

Would you like a consistent, integrated sales process without data disruption? Integrate CAS Merlin CPQ into your unique system landscape.

When selecting software solutions, interfaces play a vital role. They can be as varied as the companies and IT systems that use them. Discover just how customizable and intuitive CAS Merlin CPQ is in terms of interfaces.

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A tailor-made CPQ integration

Thanks to its open system architecture, CAS Merlin CPQ is incredibly flexible when it comes to your needs and requirements. The CPQ solution can be used both as a stand-alone system and as an integrated part of your system landscape.

Integrate your ERP system

Using an ERP system interface, you can easily exchange data, such as article master data, product structures, and prices. The scope of the data ranges from individual data records to maximum BOMs for end-to-end processes.

Thanks to the integration with SAP ERP and other ERP systems, you can efficiently manage the increasing complexity of your products, additionally, all your employees work with the same consistent data. Find out more about seamless integration in practice at Jungheinrich AG.

Integrate your PLM system

With a PLM Product Life Cycle Management system you manage all your product data and processes throughout the entire product life cycle. The integration with the CPQ system allows you to use the product data from the PLM system, among other things, as a single source of truth, and to model lean and efficient ETO processes. As a result, you create an end-to-end process from sales to engineering and establish automatic processes for engineer to order (ETO) use cases. The configuration is performed on the basis of product data from the PLM.

Thanks to our close partnership with PLM providers, our customers benefit from being able to simply integrate CAS Merlin CPQ into their existing IT landscapes.

Integrate your CRM system

Using the CRM system, you record your leads and the corresponding documentation. As soon as your customer enters the quote phase, you create a custom-fit product quote using the CPQ solution.

Your benefits: Using the integration to different CRM systems such as SAP CRM or the integration to CAS genesisWorld or SmartWe, you can design your end-to-end and professional customer management process and all while having more time for qualified customer consulting. The combination of a CRM system and CAS Merlin CPQ enables end-to-end sales and quotation processes as the saved configuration can be taken directly from the CRM system into CAS Merlin CPQ. In fact, thanks to this seamless data exchange and the processing within the user interface, the configuration can be performed without having to leave the CRM. Discover how the CRM and CPQ systems interact seamlessly in practice in our references.

Custom interfaces to fit your IT landscape

Ensure up-to-date product information in your CPQ solution by integrating PIM systems or optimize your product portfolio with tried-and-tested methods such as the METUS method.

Using interfaces you can import your existing set of rules and integrate CAD data to support your configuration process. The high levels of flexibility that CAS Merlin CPQ provides, enables you to connect different SAP systems easily.

To integrate CAS Merlin CPQ into your system landscape, we will take a look at possible interfaces and analyze technical requirements. We conduct IT workshops together and determine your individual requirements. Once the concept has been created, the project is implemented in an agile manner. You will benefit from our comprehensive consulting services throughout all the phases of your CPQ project.

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