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WINGAS is a leading company in the energy sector, specializing in providing tailor-made natural gas solutions to a large number of customers in Germany and Europe. With the help of CAS Merlin CPQ, WINGAS is putting its guiding principle "More energy together" into practice. CAS Merlin CPQ makes it possible to offer not only products, but also customized support and individual concepts. In this way, Wingas customers not only receive innovative energy products, but also a personalized service, as well as concepts and solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

The success story at a glance

Requirements and goals

  • Central and transparent presentation of rules and knowledge about the offer process
  • Automated creation of contracts
  • Mapping of a large number of complex rules
  • Simple and internal maintenance of the contract and product rules without knowledge of programming languages

Benefits and advantages

  • Faster creation of contract documents
  • Simple maintenance of the text modules and rules through a graphical and modern user interface
  • Uniform use of always up-to-date rules and text modules
  • Ensuring compliance with CI and text standards
  • Multilingualism of the user interface and the text modules
  • Time savings in the offer process
  • Acceleration of internal workflows



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