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QESAR strengthens goal-oriented communication with CRM

QESAR is an industrial cooperation in the field of mechanical and plant engineering that acts as a service provider between its companies, service providers, expert groups, research institutions, colleges and universities. The network uses the CRM + AIA® solution CAS genesisWorld for first-class relationship management and systematic and goal-oriented communication.

What sets QESAR apart is systematic and goal-oriented communication which is also honest and appreciative. The service providers are empathic with a lot of expertise, they form the vital link between the mechanical engineers and the suppliers. Managing many levels of communication and enabling a constant exchange of experience between all parties in the network is QESAR's strength.

The 360° view for more transparency

Before the CRM solution was introduced, contact and project data was stored in various applications, such as Outlook and Excel. Communications between the project manager and the customer were direct, with no access for third parties. Tasks and projects were stored individually. So there was no unified knowledge base and the information was scattered. Today, employees can quickly find all customer information using the search function in CAS genesisWorld, which saves them a lot of time and effort while allowing them more time to exchange information with their partners.

"The 360-degree view is an enormous relief for our diverse tasks and ever expanding new areas, it enables us to keep track of all connections and processes at all times",

reports Michael Hofmann, Project Manager at QESAR. 

Flexibly adaptable to special requirements

An important element in the implementation of a new software solution is to involve colleagues and take their wishes into account. At QESAR, these wishes are particularly diverse, since each employee comes from a different area of responsibility and thus has different requirements for the CRM solution. CAS genesisWorld fulfils the specific wishes of the employees as well as the common desire for a clear data structure.

Since all relevant data can be accessed quickly and easily in CAS genesisWorld, the CRM solution forms the perfect basis for QESAR. After all, being able to provide information and react quickly is a top priority for the service provider QESAR.

„In addition to a clean data structure, it should also be possible to integrate event management, contract management and controlling in the CRM. CAS genesisWorld is highly customizable, and our specific requirements were perfectly mapped here“,

says Michael Hofmann.


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