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Professionalism at the highest level

Konica Minolta is one of the world's leading providers of office communication products and is considered a pioneer in the industry thanks to its innovative technologies and commitment to sustainability. So that Konica Minolta can continue to use their products to optimize customer processes and increase productivity, CAS Merlin CPQ supports them throughout the sales process in order to be able to configure the optimal products for their customers.

Read the full case study to find out how Konica Minolta benefits from the symbiosis of CAS Merlin CPQ with its existing ERP system, which user groups use this solution and how the company is shaping its future.

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Highly complex requirements

Needless to say, Konica Minolta had individual and specific requirements for both the supplier and the product itself. The company did not want a standard tool, but rather a product that had already been optimized in the development phase to the extent that it would fit their individual needs.
CAS Merlin scored highly in this area as a CPQ solution.

Jörg Bittenbinder, EPC Manager Europe at Konica Minolta says: "CAS Merlin CPQ was the only CPQ system in our selection at the time that could map the entire complexity of our products and services."

Professionalism at the highest level

The company benefits greatly from the interface between CAS Merlin CPQ and the ERP system being used. This interface to the ERP, in which all material and customer master data is stored, means that the replacement of equipment can be organized quickly and easily.

The interface between CAS Merlin CPQ and the ERP SAP means that employees always have an overview of the individual equipment location data, which is particularly important for the after-sales area. Service teams can thus react quickly and efficiently and schedule a technician immediately with the appropriate spare parts for a repair.

One button replaces manual effort

As is common practice at many companies, before the introduction of CAS Merlin CPQ, Konica Minolta employees worked with Excel lists in which the individual products and their respective accessories were listed. This process not only took a long time, it was also prone to errors. CAS Merlin CPQ provides a remedy for this.

"With CAS Merlin CPQ, we work more efficiently because the enormous manual effort is eliminated. From delivery details and configuration data to logistics planning, the sales employee can transfer all the information that is important for creating quotations directly into the system at the touch of a button," says Jörg Bittenbinder.

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