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Harnessing the power of AI in the semiconductor industry

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business processes is not just an advantage but a necessity. Dr. Tim Bruchmüller, Director Platform & Systems at SUSS Microtec Solutions GmbH, and Louis Kerker, Sales Consultant at CAS Merlin, share their experiences and insights on how AI is transforming the semiconductor manufacturing industry and how CAS Merlin CPQ supports this transformation.

SUSS MicroTec Solutions GmbH, a leader in manufacturing systems for the semiconductor industry, has experienced significant growth due to the rising demand for AI applications. According to Dr. Bruchmüller, the company's machines are pivotal in producing the chips required for AI technologies, propelling them into a favorable economic position.

How is AI reshaping internal processes at SUSS Microtec?

Beyond external market benefits, SUSS MicroTec is leveraging AI internally to enhance operational efficiency. One notable application is a software solution that correlates sensor data with events, enabling predictive maintenance and operational forecasting. This approach aids in creating models to predict when specific events might occur, thereby preemptively addressing potential issues.

Addressing workforce challenges with AI

Louis Kerker highlights the broader industry challenges such as demographic shifts and skills shortages. With the retirement of experienced baby boomers, companies face the dual challenge of losing valuable expertise and finding optimal solutions amidst cost constraints. AI can play a crucial role in bridging this gap by supporting less experienced and new employees in delivering quality outcomes.

Dr. Bruchmüller explains that preserving and transferring knowledge is vital in an organization facing rapid growth and demographic changes. Tools like CAS Merlin CPQ are instrumental in this process. By capturing the configuration knowledge from experienced employees, CPQ-solutions ensure that new team members can access and utilize this expertise effectively from the get go. This strategy aligns with SÜSS’s vision of being a solution provider, where customer applications are seamlessly integrated with machine configurations to deliver the desired results.

Enhancing collaboration and efficiency

CAS Merlin CPQ’s AI Assistant Optimization exemplifies how AI can supplement human expertise. This assistant offers suggestions during the configuration process, enhancing decision-making and preserving the accumulated knowledge within the organization. This collaborative approach not only improves efficiency but also fosters knowledge sharing among employees.

For teams distributed across various locations, the integration of AI tools can significantly enhance communication and collaboration. An example is the potential use of AI for translating comments within collaborative tools, making it easier for global teams to interact seamlessly amongst colleagues and with potential colleagues.

Navigating fears and uncertainties surrounding AI

Dr. Bruchmüller acknowledges that while AI offers immense potential, it also brings fears about job displacement. At SÜSS, the focus is on transforming the role of employees rather than replacing them. Emphasizing collaboration and continuous learning, the company aims to harness AI tools to enhance productivity and innovation.

Embracing AI for future success

The future of AI at SUSS involves further automating and improving processes, leveraging AI to handle routine tasks, and freeing up employees to focus on more strategic initiatives. This approach not only boosts efficiency but also reduces errors, paving the way for higher-quality outcomes.

Both experts Dr. Bruchmüller and Louis Kerker advocate for early adoption and evaluation of AI technologies. The integration of AI is inevitable, and those who embrace it will gain a competitive edge. For companies like SUSS Microtec, AI is not just a tool for operational excellence but a cornerstone for future growth and innovation.

AI's journey is just the beginning, and its impact will continue to shape industries in unprecedented ways. By strategically embracing AI alongside human capabilities, companies can effectively address current challenges and unlock a world of possibilities for the future.

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