Groupware, also known as collaborative software, is the foundation of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW). This software helps distributed users on a network work together.

Groupware normally comprises e-mail, a group calendar, task management capabilities, a document management system, allowing shared access to documents, and software for monitoring workflows and coordinating and keeping track of ongoing projects.

Groupware promotes efficient cooperation in your teams

Groupware has established itself as an integral part of modern office communications. The term was coined from "Group" and "Software" and is used to refer to any kind of collaborative software solution that makes work processes in teams simpler and more efficient. Ideally, Groupware is used where people have to work around spatial and temporal distances, for example, when common appointments have to be coordinated, tasks have to processed or contacts and addresses have to be managed. Typically, Groupware solutions include programs such as those used for e-mail, appointment scheduling, document management, databases and much, much more.


CRM Groupware: intelligent-intermeshed team and contact management

Successful companies work with software solutions that combine collaborative working and effective customer and contact management intelligently. What we can offer you, is an integrated CRM Groupware experience that very few other CRM systems can boast. CAS genesisWorld has its own appointment and task management features which not only meet individual requirements, but which are also independent of PIM software from other manufacturers. In addition to the standard functions, one of the many features of our own e-mail client is the ability to send data records such as documents, projects, tasks or addresses directly from CAS genesisWorld as well as automatic archiving for the associated contact in the dossier. Other standard Groupware functions include holiday management and a blackboard feature.


Groupware software with a well-engineered rights concept

A well-engineered and fine-grained rights system is key to an effective Groupware system, especially for document management. Throughout CAS genesisWorld you can define rights exactly, for example, you can define who gets to see, read or edit documents. Working with documents collaboratively is child's play, with features such as access locks and versioning. And a seamless integration with MS Office is included as standard, in fact the delivery package includes customizable templates and online formulas. 


teamWorks includes additional Groupware and collaborative functionality

The teamWorks module offers expanded Groupware and collaborative functionality. You can store your company information and data in the system and then access it later via an Internet browser. You can adapt the skin to suit your company's requirements.

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