Customer dossier

A customer dossier stores and displays all of your customer information that has been gathered and saved in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, or which has been archived. This includes general information such as contact data as well as documents such as reports, orders, purchase history as well as information on current activities like e-mails, phone calls and even call notes. The major advantage of the dossier is that companies and their employees can see at a glance, all of the important customer information in one, clear overview. Companies use the customer dossier for targeted customer management and for improving customer relationships (customer loyalty). This enables you to develop longterm, binding relationships with your partners and helps you to win new references.

The digital customer dossier in document management

The digital solutions used in customer management also help to make life easier when it comes to document management. Electronic customer dossiers and employee data records are created and managed digitally with the help of CRM software. Regardless of whether the company has different sites in Germany or various employees are in contact with the same person — the digital customer dossier enables every employee to access the same customer information and data. Managing your data in the Cloud has the added advantage of ensuring that your digital data and contacts are kept right up to date, because your employees can make changes on the fly as when they are needed.

More than just a digital customer dossier

Implementing a CRM solution optimizes digital document management and helps companies to manage their projects and tasks. Besides customer data you can store and collectively manage important information on projects and processes in your CRM system, for example, reaching milestones, the creation and assignment of tasks, the management of project resources and jointly-prepared, necessary project documents. Consequently, CRM is not just important for your sales and service teams, but can also prove very useful for electronic controlling and project management.

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