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A CRM solution (frequently referred to as a CRM system or CRM software) is a software application or a software solution that provides one standard solution for all departments in a company. This often includes applications from marketing, sales, service and other relevant areas where the focus is on the customer. Furthermore, a CRM solution can also be integrated with an ERP solution over a specially designed interface. Well-maintained address management systems are a key requirement of effective CRM solutions. This is vital in ensuring a professional customer relationship management system (CRM) and also effective customer loyalty.

Extent of a CRM solution

In addition to customer data such as addresses and contact management, you can also manage employee documents. The customer histories and mailings are all evidence of your prior dealings with customers. You can also handle complete orders in the CRM solution, including offers and quotes, delivery confirmations and invoicing. It's not just about maintaining your customer relations, you can also organize all of your internal project management. This includes time and performance recording as well as managing holidays. Additional project information can be gained from tracking project status and evaluations.

Advantages of a CRM solution

Your employees have access to all your customer data at any time, no matter what department they work in, because your data is stored centrally. The simple contact and address management systems enable you to make changes quickly and easily which also guarantees high levels of data quality. Search processes are more efficient which means they save you precious working time.

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