Campaign management

Campaign management and campaign planning play a central role in marketing, your customers should be sent the the right information adapted to their needs, in the right communications style and via the right communications channel at the right time. Your customers' requirements are the focus of your campaign process. Consequently, campaign management plays a central role in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The campaign process consists of three central phases: planning, management and analysis.

Campaign management in practice

To plan a campaign process more exactly, all of your existing customer touch points have to be considered and analyzed. This includes contacts in sales, service, eCommerce and other relevant channels. And with the help of special CRM software and analysis systems, you can gather customer intelligence centrally and use it derive specific advertising measures or steps such as direct mailings, e-mail, telemarketing and mail merge or form letter campaigns.

Special softare solutions for campaign management

Individual software solutions or systems for campaign management, help you to plan, manage and evaluate complex campaign processes in your company. All your customer data flows into the software, where it can be quickly evaluated. Thus making campaign planning more effective. The analysis tools help you to manage and control current campaigns, and the reporting features help you to evaluate the campaigns. CRM solutions offer support in all your marketing activities, and the fact that all your data flows into one database where it can also be linked is a massive advantage. Thus, all of your employees can access the information they need at a glance and, what's more, they can see clearly what the next task is and react accordingly or make running adjustments to campaigns as necessary.

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