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Sales at a glance: Sales controlling - simple and efficient

When it comes to sales, not just the maintenance of contact and customer data is crucial. Acquiring knowledge of current sales figures and their development is also imperative for making the right decisions. CAS genesisWorld enhances your selling effectiveness by having everything in sight and under control: Customer data, customer behavior and your sales figures. Sales controlling has never been so simple and efficient!


Help with important sales management decisions

A CRM system such as CAS genesisWorld establishes the cornerstone for pivotal decisions in sales management by transparently mapping all relevant information. Utilizing the Report Manager module, you can analyze customer relationships to unearth their greatest potential, evaluate project profitability and conduct realistic assessments of sales potential. Formula and key figure fields, which can be customized according to your needs, provide a quick overview of crucial variables. Besides contact details, you can access the number of active service requests, the total amount of outstanding invoices or the overall revenue generated in the current calendar year. The proximity search is also a handy function: It displays key customers within a specific geographical radius on a map. To ensure efficient sales management, customer visit reports are also created in next to no time.


Successful sales controlling thanks to ultra clever functions

CAS genesisWorld offers a multitude of options for effective sales controlling, enhancing efficiency and providing reliable planning, along with diverse evaluations of sales opportunities. From the initial contact to the quoting stage, closing the deal and providing after-sales service, each step pertaining to prospects is meticulously documented within the system, resulting in the comprehensive mapping of the entire sales process.

By utilizing sales tools, such as the sales funnel, you can identify the next appropriate action for each customer. This guarantees that you maintain a clear overview of your position within the sales process and enables you to identify the necessary next steps and effectively manage resource utilization and scheduling. Moreover, with the time and expense tracking feature, outside sales staff can directly attribute expenditure to respective customers and projects.


Optimizing sales and customer satisfaction with CRM

Sustainable sales management also includes engaging in direct dialog with customers. How satisfied are they with your products and services? Initiate routine online surveys using the Survey module, where the results are seamlessly integrated into the CRM software and can be evaluated by you.

CRM software for your sales management

Through our adaptive CRM + AIA solution CAS genesisWorld, we offer more than just a CRM. Pro-actively manage your relationships, intelligently network the collective knowledge of your entire company and collaborate efficiently and seamlessly with your team, regardless of the location. Our intelligent assistants provide support and simplify your daily processes.

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