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A CRM solution enables accountants and tax advisors to access your data from anywhere. You can view all important data such as contracts, quotes or law regulations at any time. Which enables you to manage documents and knowledge efficiently so that you can respond quickly and accurately to your customers' requirements.

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  • Manage your customer data centrally and access it from anywhere
  • Manage your appointments and jobs
  • Clearly view data in the customer and client dossier
  • Manage documents and knowledge, from contracts, quotes to legal texts
  • Profit from call identification during phone calls
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Ensuring optimum tax consulting services with a tailored CRM solution

The foundation of excellent tax consultancy

The two basic principles of excellent tax consultancy are a trusting relationship between the consultant and their client, and highly organized processes within the consulting office. Tax consultants, like financial auditors, work closely with their clients, sometimes for periods of time of more than a decade. This close relationship is very valuable to tax consultants and financial auditors: they know their clients personally and can thus ensure the best consulting and service. At the same time, clients confidently consult their tax consultants with all their important questions or documents.

Building valuable relationships with a CRM tool tailored for tax consultants

With CRM software for tax consultants, you can build up long-lasting customer relationships. You manage your customer data for tax consultation purposes in one central CRM system. Your employees can flexibly access this data while working on the road or at home.

Efficient processes with one specialized CRM system for tax consulting

The second key factor of successful consulting is also supported by your CRM software: the optimized organization of processes. In the area of tax consulting, you cannot afford to miss a single detail or customer information could be lost. You store all important documents in your CRM software’s dossier. The dossier clearly shows all address data, legal texts, quotes, caller logs or appointments. You quickly match shared appointments between a tax consultant and a client using the resource finder. Your client receives the best service and employees save a lot of time by no longer having to deal with unnecessary administration work.

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