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How far along are you in your SAP transformation? Are you still using the classic SAP R/3, SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) or already SAP S/4HANA? Do you use SAP LO-VC or SAP AVC for variant configuration? There are many possible interface variants between SAP systems and CAS Merlin CPQ.

Connect your SAP systems with the CAS Merlin CPQ solution and benefit from secure and automatic data exchange. When SAP and CAS Merlin CPQ are closely interlinked, it is not only sales that benefits, but also production, product management and many other specialist departments.

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Combining sales and technology

CAS Merlin CPQ and SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA communicate with each other via individually customizable standard connectors. This is based on the principle of the single source of truth: all specialist departments access a common, valid database.

Various data relating to your configurable material is exchanged between CAS Merlin CPQ and SAP ERP via our flexible interface connectors: technical rule knowledge, product structures, material master data, prices or even parts lists. Which data is to be accessed and to what extent can vary depending on the requirements and company: everything is possible, from individual data records to maximum BOMs.

SAP R/3 and SAP ECC as well as SAP S/4HANA on-premise and the cloud version can communicate via our interface options and web services. The great added value lies in the consistency gained in the processes.


At a glance

  • Import of the existing product structure from the ERP system into the CPQ software
  • Transfer of material master data from your KMATs for adjustment
  • Export of parts lists for production after completed configuration
  • Live query of current prices during configuration from SAP

CAS Merlin CPQ and SAP LO-VC

Import and expand technical knowledge

Additional SAP modules such as the SAP LO-VC variant configurator act as an extension of SAP ERP. The variant configurator is used to map configurable materials (so-called KMATs). SAP LO-VC includes the technical rules for all existing product variants, which are then imported into CAS Merlin CPQ.

SAP LO-VC thus provides the technical rule knowledge with pre- and selection conditions, constraints and, in some cases, procedures, while CAS Merlin CPQ supplements the sales-related dependencies.

While the standard CAS Merlin CPQ importer imports data and rules from the SAP system, your sales department works with an attractive configuration interface that has been optimized for them. All relevant information is clearly presented in this sales view and can be enhanced with images or marketing texts as required. The user configures tailor-made product solutions in our CPQ solution, enriches them with additional options and creates the corresponding quotation documents.

Jungheinrich AG is successfully implementing precisely this use case with CAS Merlin CPQ. Find out more about the project here.


At a glance

  • Data exchange between SAP LO-VC and CAS Merlin CPQ via a standard connector
  • Import of the existing technical regulations
  • Supplementing the world of technical regulations with sales knowledge
  • Configuration based on the entire set of rules

CAS Merlin CPQ and SAP AVC

Seamless interface to the new variant configurator

CAS Software AG is aiming for a cloud-based interface to SAP AVC. For this purpose, rules are queried live from SAP AVC by Merlin Core. The advantage is that the user of CAS Merlin CPQ no longer needs to import rules, but can use the rules from SAP AVC directly in Merlin and configure them on this basis.

The aim of the integration is to primarily use classes, products, characteristics and constraints to map both technical and sales dependencies.

With CAS Merlin CPQ, the sales employee can then use a smart configuration solution that combines technical relationship knowledge and sales knowledge and also offers the user a wide range of additional products, services, calculation options and assistants.


At a glance

  • Live rule query without regular manual import
  • Interface between CAS Merlin CPQ and SAP AVC
  • Full operation in the cloud possible
  • Improving the user experience with smart assistants

Transformation from LO-VC to AVC

Stay up to date

Once you have specified which ERP system you are using, you will be asked to select your variant configuration (SAP-VC) in SAP. Are you still using the SAP Variant Configurator (SAP LO-VC) or are you already using the Advanced Variant Configurator (AVC)?

If you are still using the SAP Variant Configurator (LO-VC), we recommend you switch to the advanced variant configurator, as technical dependencies will be mapped primarily in SAP AVC in the future. The LO-VC can only be used in S/4HANA On-Premise, but not in the S/4HANA Cloud solution.

We will work together on the perfect CPQ solution integrated into SAP systems. You have two options when switching from the old SAP world to the new SAP AVC world with the standard connector to CAS Merlin CPQ:

Brown-Field approach

  • The existing SAP LO-VC set of rules is transferred to the SAP AVC set of rules
  • SAP AVC rules are extended to include sales knowledge in CAS Merlin CPQ
  • The SAP AVC set of rules is queried live during configuration

Green-Field approach

  • Complete reconstruction of the technical regulations in CAS Merlin CPQ or SAP AVC
  • When reconstructing the set of rules in SAP AVC, the standard connector is used in the direction of CAS Merlin CPQ as in the brown-field approach
  • When setting up a new set of rules in CAS Merlin CPQ, there is no need to integrate SAP rules, as all rules are available in Merlin

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