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A CPQ solution is the digital link between the customer and sales. A strong computing core and intelligent integration technologies are required to efficiently configure a wide range of products and solutions and ensure smooth connections to different third-party systems.

CAS Merlin CPQ leverages clever algorithms to produce the correct configuration results. Intelligent assistants support the user in numerous scenarios. Together with our very own CAS Future Labs, we observe the market trends and technologies and are constantly developing our own technologies based on these foundations.

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Technical foundations

The basis of CAS Merlin CPQ

The technical foundation of CAS Merlin CPQ is based on the following elements: Merlin Core, Modeler and Connector. Using clever algorithms and modern interface technology, these elements determine suitable configuration results and characterize CAS Merlin CPQ as an extremely flexible and reliable CPQ + AIA® solution.

Merlin Core

State of the art algorithms

CAS Merlin CPQ is built around the powerful computing core – Merlin Core. Merlin Core consists of all the technical basics and, above all, manages the rule world, in which all the dependencies, feature combinations and modelling data are stored. The computing core of our CPQ + AIA® solution uses the so-called SAT-algorithm to ensure rapid rule world calculations.

In practice, your advantage is that any changes to the configuration rules do not have to be loaded into the product first, but instead, they can be used directly.


Modelling without programming skills

The Modeler is the intuitive modeling interface for entering your entire product world and the associated rules and dependencies – without any programming knowledge. All data is managed in just one system according to the single source of truth principle, this means that the data can be called by all stakeholders from one central repository. This central knowledge repository in the CPQ solution allows you to manage your entire product knowledge in one place and enrich it with suitable expert knowledge.

Using the Modeler you can unburden your product experts using intuitive rule modelling and direct test options. The automatic logic check supports you along the way in ensuring that only valid product combinations are included in the modelling.


Standardized CPQ interfaces

The CPQ system has to be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT system landscape to ensure that products can be configured exactly according to customer wishes. After all, error-free interfaces are the only way to create end-to-end digital business processes and a consistent data basis.

Integrate CAS Merlin CPQ into your existing system landscape and establish a smooth flow of information.

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