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Grant Thornton AG is a consulting firm that does not develop standard solutions, but delivers individual, practical results - keeping an eye on the present and future of your company. With a mature portfolio of expertise and a team of specialists, Grant Thornton AG accompanies your growth regionally, nationally and internationally. Grant Thornton is one of the most successful contact points for medium-sized businesses - and attracts clients who expect more expertise and personality.

The success story at a glance

Requirements and goals

  • Provide support for the central client management concept
  • Increase client satisfaction, retention and expansion of key accounts
  • Ensure the growth and increase of order density through systematic market cultivation
  • Contact-related task and history management
  • Mapping of opportunities, offers and orders
  • Networked and transparent working

Benefits and advantages

  • Complete 360° view of existing and potential clients with all relevant contact information including correspondence, phone calls, appointments as well as contracts and documents, even on the move
  • Multi-level rights system secures confidential data - with access only for authorized employees
  • Better internal and external communication, supported by automated workflows
  • Simple collection and maintenance of the central data, no double data storage
  • Systemically supported qualification process provides a sound basis for decision-making
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CAS genesisWorld

The powerful CRM solution

CAS genesisWorld is the complete customer relationship management solution. It's so flexible that it can be tailored precisely to your needs and so powerful that you can get started straightaway – CAS genesisWorld can be seamlessly extended as your business expands. A range of smart modules and interfaces means that there is a solution for every requirement. CRM means that you can concentrate on your core businesses, while CAS genesisWorld deals with your processes.

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