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With over 20 years of experience, DOSTOFARM GmbH is an expert in the development, production and worldwide distribution of innovative solutions for animal and human nutrition based on natural active ingredients.

The success story at a glance

Requirements and goals

  • To ensure the clear and structured archiving of all relevant correspondence with our business partners and regarding project management
  • Used throughout the sales and management areas
  • Processes involve relationship management with customers, suppliers and other business partners; project support especially in the areas of marketing/sales and product management/product development
  • Criteria: Provide a clear structure for the customer dossier, offline usage, server solution (no cloud) and multilingual support
  • Expectations: Service, flexibility and the option of providing our own first-level support

Benefits and advantages

  • Provides a faster and improved overview of histories as well as current status including a chronological, digital dossier
  • Ensures more efficient project management which includes milestones, resources, costs and times
  • It is a solution which is well-structured, reliable
  • Our administrator can make simple changes and customizations themselves via the Management Console
  • Reducing the burden of routine tasks has increased employee satisfaction by enabling automated processes, consistent document templates and smart groupware functions and much, much more
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