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UNTHA revolutionizes the sales process with CAS Merlin CPQ

Whether it's residual wood, hard drives, files or tires – the reliable shredders from UNTHA shredding technology America impress customers all over the world with their individual shredding solutions. The leading company in the development and production of premium shredding machines uses CAS Merlin CPQ to streamline processes and enhance their competitive advantage.

Global companies face significant communication and coordination hurdles when it comes to international product distribution, particularly when the headquarters are located on a different continent. To optimize and standardize communication and collaboration between the sales team in America and the employees in Austria, the company's headquarters, UNTHA shredding technology America decided to introduce the CAS Merlin CPQ solution from CAS Merlin.

The implementation was carried out in cooperation with the CAS partner aptus IT GmbH. With the use of the CPQ solution in combination with the CRM solution CAS genesisWorld, globally operating employees have access to all information about the customer as well as prices and machine specifications. This transparency reduces the risk of misunderstandings and customer complaints and creates a seamless and efficient sales process.

We look forward to a close collaboration with UNTHA – welcome to the Merlin community.

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