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ESTA – Lean processes in technology sales through the use of CAS Merlin CPQ

By using CAS Merlin CPQ, ESTA is able to respond quickly and specifically to the individual wishes of your customers.

This results in many advantages for the company, including the following:

  1. Practice-oriented use:
    By modeling the necessary rules and logic of the configurator, error-free quotations can be created. The set of rules serves as a prerequisite for carrying out the feasibility of the product and various specification analyses.
  2. Faster generation of quotations:
    The use of the CPQ system makes it possible to generate quotations much faster. Different product combinations can be configured in just a few clicks, making it possible to create individual solutions during the customer meeting.
  3. Visual product presentation
    The visual product presentation makes the configuration tangible. This enables the sales department to tailor the product even more specifically to the customer's wishes.
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