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CAS genesisWorld x13: the world premiere of the first CRM + AIA solution for SMEs

The new CAS genesisWorld version redefines the CRM solution market with intelligent wizards. The solution by the leading German CRM + AIA developer CAS Software AG from Karlsruhe promises both high efficiency and a safe future for customer-centric small and medium-sized companies. The highlights include the introduction of Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA) as well as numerous other new functions to create exciting customer relationships and establish emotional teamwork.

"Who doesn't want intelligent assistants that support you in preparing informed choices? Assistants that, for example, continuously measure the quality of relationships to customers, partners, or employees and provide reliable and competent information if required?" asks Martin Hubschneider, CEO of CAS Software AG.

For the first time, CAS Software expands a CRM solution with so-called Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA in short) in CAS genesisWorld x13. These assistants are not supposed to make their own decisions as artificial intelligence, but to enhance the user's intelligence and provide comprehensible suggestions.

Intelligent Assistants for the new workspace

With the new version of the CRM flagship, a whole string of those smart and intelligent assistants is available to the users:

  • The StartUp Assistant provides quick, time-saving information already at the start.
  • With the integrated CAS CardScanner, you can even easier record new business contacts directly in the CRM + AIA solution while on the go.
  • When working, the further-refined, AI-based Picasso search suggests even more accurate CRM search results relevant to projects and customers based on individual search behavior.
  • The Opportunity Evaluation Assistant steers and accelerates the lead management in sales.
  • Another AIA enables you to measure customer satisfaction based on the "Fan principle".

Excellent user experience thanks to SmartDesign®

With its SmartDesign® user interface, CAS genesisWorld is responsive and can be comfortably accessed in the same Look & Feel via browser, on mobile devices, as well as smartwatches. That is why its fascinatingly simple and intuitive user experience has been awarded with the German Design Award. "Our goal is healthy customers. Our CRM + AIA solutions support our customers and their employees in successfully managing customer relationships with outstanding efficiency. Therefore, our solutions can be customized to easily and perfectly fit new customer needs," explains CEO Martin Hubschneider.

For this purpose, significant extensions have been implemented in the new version: With the App Designer 3.0, you can flexibly customize input screens, new data objects, and even apps without programming skills. This customizability is especially beneficial for SMEs as the customization can be implemented by the customers or experts and does not need adjustments after regular software updates.

Customer relationships as efficient and transparent as never before

A bundle of helpful assistants ensures exciting customer relationships at eye level. Thanks to the integrated "Fan principle", the quality of customer relationships can be measured easily and efficiently and, thus, communication can be optimized.

With SmartActions, you can plan all follow-up steps in advance while saving time so that you can personalize the Customer Journey of your customers. At the same time, the actions enable automated processes and workflows for recurring routine tasks. Additionally, relevant information is visualized using a 360° overview in the user- and role-specific dashboard ensuring the appropriate "next best action".

Seamless integration of Microsoft Teams

In many companies, Microsoft Teams has become the standard for virtual communication with customers while working in separate teams. With the seamless integration, you can create video meetings, invite participants, and start online meetings directly in CAS genesisWorld.

Ideal teamwork in decentralized teams

CAS genesisWorld helps teams to grow together again, enables them to efficiently work together and remain emotionally connected despite spatial distances, and lets them fully exploit the benefits of central data in a connected CRM+ AIA solution. For example, a new planning view in the style of a kanban board provides a transparent overview of all tasks, dependencies, and workload of employees - thus, ensuring ideal collaborative teamwork. With its graphical visualization of processes, you establish full transparency and can better trace the status of tasks, jobs, and other activities.

Digital sovereignty for SMEs: seal provides a secure future

Data protection is essential, especially if your company deploys a combination of desktop, web, and mobile app clients online or offline. Certified with the "Software Made & Hosted in Germany", CAS genesisWorld stands for the highest requirements in data protection, transparency, and fairness. With CAS genesisWorld, your digital sovereignty is fully protected: this means not only extensive data protection for personal and company data, but also the best possible independence for customizations to fit new company requirements. Thus, the solution ideally supports the sustainable future of your company.

"We are investing massively in new innovations. In this venture, our driving forces are the new requirements of our customers and the excitement to shape new, mobile, humane workspaces," CEO martin Hubschneider is convinced. "A partnership at eye level and ensuring the future and digital sovereignty of our customers means a lot to our entire CAS Team of more than 450 engaged co-creators."

You can find more information on these and other new version highlights here: