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At SOMIC packaging machines, visionaries, idea generators, analysts, perfectionists, and communication talents work hand in hand. What unites them all? Their love for technology and pride in building exceptional packaging machines. Despite their passion for high-tech, SOMIC never forgets that machines are bought and operated by people. CAS Merlin CPQ supports employees in understanding and implementing the customers' wishes individually.

Read the full case study to find out how SOMIC has successfully combined its sales and technical product worlds and the role that CAS Merlin CPQ plays in this.

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Customized solutions for every requirement

The leading manufacturer of end-of-line packaging machines was looking for a holistic and agile configurator solution to make the quoting process, which consists of many individual steps, more efficient. The technical configuration of the packaging systems is carried out in the System Engineering department, so it is crucial during the quoting phase that sales and engineering work closely together.

Alexander Riegel, Head of System Configuration at SOMIC, explains: "We see great potential in optimizing and making even more efficient the interface between sales and engineering with the introduction of a CPQ solution."

Bundled packaging expertise

For every packaging requirement, the specialists at SOMIC create customized solutions according to customer requirements. The configurator is used to capture packaging requirements as well as to develop packaging solutions. This not only saves time, but also increases the reproducibility of the developed solution.

"With the help of the configurator, we now always receive the appropriate functional solution with transparent cost calculation without any deviations," emphasizes Alexander Riegel the practical advantages."

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