What are the characteristic features of a CAS SmartEnterprise?

CAS SmartEnterprise is a very efficient networked organization. Particular characteristics include: high quality products, effective processes and a customer orientated company culture. Small, specialized company units (SmartUnits) make CAS SmartEnterprise flexible and agile, and this enables the company to make the most of any opportunities and attain innovative excellence.

Small, manageable company units: "SmartUnits"


They concentrate on providing a high-level of service to the other company units, especially in the areas of, human resources, marketing services, accounting and finance, and IT services.


The SDCs consist of specialized software development teams who develop the core architecture , platforms and products. They work for multiple SmartCompanies simultaneously.


concentrate on a specific customer segment, and focus all their energy on becoming the innovation and market leader for that segment. They deal solely with the customer and use the other company units to handle their day-to-day operations.

ONE common objective for all company units

CAS Software AG's main function is to pursue the vision and the goals of CAS Software AG. As well as the financial goals priorities include, employee and customer satisfaction, and continued leadership in innovation. The main objectives of CAS Software AG remain at the heart of every decision, and not just those of a local unit. The SmartCompanies are not managed as ProfitCenters, but instead are measured by the diverse contributions they make to the parent company - CAS Software AG. The overall success of CAS Software AG is reflected in the way the remuneration system works.