How is the network organization structured?

The network organization is based on a biological model. CAS SmartEnterprise consists of specialized units known as SmartUnits.
These units are organized to react quickly and remain adaptable to market and sectoral requirements.

The CAS Guidelines embody the values and attitudes upon which we base our decision making and the way we behave towards one another, whether internally or externally.

Orchestrating success Company strategy and goals are defined and developed by the CAS Software Board of Directors. Each company unit is responsible for its own day-to-day operations and contributions to the company goals.

Agreements on obligations and expectations govern the overall activities of each of the company units. The CAS Software Board of Directors are also involved in coordinating the optimal use of available resources.
Employee involvement & customer centric Manageable groups of 2-30 employees with no more than two managers provides a working environment in which employees can grow and develop. This attracts the best brains, who quickly adapt and grow into their new professional and personal responsibilities.

Each of the SmartCompanies operates according to the motto of "To each customer, their own CAS". The SmartCompanies have just one goal: helping their customers to success while impressing them with innovative products and services. This is possible, because each SmartCompany has its own vision, own company management, own market presence and own product and customer management.

Dedicated to innovation

The desire for excellence in innovation, and the drive to become the market leaders, means that our work is an integral part of our intensive lives. We see award-winning employees and well-organized teams, coupled with a productive and thriving company energy as an essential prerequisite for impressive products and services.


The way the company is organized allows us to react quickly and effectively to any current opportunities. Consequently, a SmartCompany can be operative and equipped with the necessary resources within a matter of days.


CAS SmartEnterprise is a dynamic company structure which attempts to anticipate future developments. Charles Darwin once said: "It is not the strongest of a species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

We would like to invite you our employees, customers and partners

To accompany us on this exciting journey. We are interested in working in partnership with people who have a vested interest in improving their own competencies; optimizing their company and contributing to the further development of society.