Reference MFG Baden-Württemberg mbH

MFG Baden-Württemberg is an institution of the state of Baden-Württemberg and Südwestrundfunk. MFG's mission is to promote film culture and the film industry and to support the cultural and creative industries.
MFG acts as a state-wide competence center, is a public promoter of culture and the economy, and offers support measures oriented to the needs of the aforementioned industries. The focus of the MFG Film Promotion division is on awarding project funding, while the focus of the MFG Creative division is on networking and outreach activities for the cultural and creative industries, as well as on the Digital Culture field of expertise.
At the same time, MFG supervises and advises projects in the fields of action media competence as well as online state projects and university cooperations in coordination with its shareholders.

The success story at a glance

Requirements and goals

  • Efficient project and relationship management
  • Administration of project and relationship-relevant data from around 100,000 technology relationships
  • A well-structured central database
  • Streamlined workflows to make work easier
  • Simplification of daily processes
  • Event management support

Benefits and advantages

  • All data collated in and easily retrieved from the digital customer dossier
  • Dashboards provide an instant view of ongoing activities
  • Allow contact persons to view project information by linking the corresponding data records
  • The dynamic search feature means all relevant information is available at the touch of button
  • Effective organization of events: everything takes place automatically, from online registration to billing
  • High degree of user acceptance thanks to its ease of use and "company wiki."

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