E-mail integration

Software that uses an e-mail integration has been designed to fit in seamlessly with existing operational e-mail programs. Employees can still create e-mail messages in their existing e-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird and still make use of the extended software functions. With respect CRM software an effective e-mail integration is an essential function. They enable quick linking of incoming and outgoing e-mails to the relevant projects regardless of whether or not the message was created using the normal e-mail program, or directly in the CRM solution itself. The choice of which program to use is left to the employee, so they can work with whatever appeals to them most – cooperation across departments is still possible.

All the popular e-mail programs can be used with the CRM solutions from CAS Software AG. Whether Microsoft or Thunderbird – your teams will still have access to the software they know and their mailbox. The e-mail integration in the CRM system extends the mail program by adding numerous functions and enabling practical connections between messages, project data, notes and files.

Advantages of e-mail integrations for companies

The integration of classical e-mail programs into CRM systems, brings a number of advantages with it. E-mail messages and their attachments are recorded by the CRM system automatically irrespective of where they were created. This means employees do not have to switch between different applications to collate different files and information to a project. All contacts, customer activity and customer agreements are bundled together in a history. In the mailbox, you can access comprehensive CRM information on the sender and associated project at the touch of a button. Users can retrieve the last processes easily, and create files, links and notes as well as archive attachments and much, much more.

Cooperation between different employees is made considerably easier by the integration of a CRM solution into the currently used e-mail programs. The central share point makes it easy to share customer information within the company.

New contacts can be created easily with just one click using the e-mail integration in the CRM system. And the automatic transfer directly from the e-mail signature saves time when creating a contact and guarantees that all of the details have been transferred correctly.

Why use an e-mail integration in your company?

  • Streamlined company processes
  • Successful multi-channel communication
  • Centralized access to information, all files, e-mails and archived messages
  • Well-informed employees and their deputies are always up-to-date
  • Professional, quick customer care through rapid access to a comprehensive overview
  • The e-mail program itself stays the same, which means no time is spent having to relearn a new program.


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