CRM on Demand

CRM on demand is closely connected to the idea of “software on demand”. “On demand” means that a provider makes software available for customers, who can then have the software modified according to their current demand or requirements. This involves flexible licensing business models based on e.g. the number of users or the data volume.

The definition of “CRM on demand”

CRM on demand is a CRM solution that is made available (on demand) by a software manufacturer via the Internet. The CRM system is hosted in a high-security data centre and can also be used via the Internet, or to be more precise, with a web browser. The customer can access and use the CRM system online for a certain price per user and month.

The term CRM on demand often appears in the context of software a service (SaaS) or application service providing (ASP). SaaS for example is a part of cloud computing and also refers to the use of software that is made available by a provider. But not all CRM on demand solutions are based on data storage in the cloud. There are also CRM solutions that are so called on-premises software, where software applications are not stored in the cloud.

What are the advantages of CRM on demand?

Unlike with traditional in-house CRM solutions, the customer does not have to purchase expensive hardware and software. The integration of all necessary applications can be done promptly and the requested programme can be used at short notice. Databases, data centres, and security systems are made available by the provider. The provider also configures, maintains, and updates the software for the user.
The flexible access is also very helpful for mobile use in sales and service. In this particular case the term is mobile CRM. In the case of rapid company growth or frequent changes of the requirements, CRM on demand can be easily adjusted to individual needs. Therefore especially small and medium-sized companies can benefit from this kind of CRM solution.

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