Customer acquisition

Simple customer acquisition with a central CRM system

To acquire new customers, it is crucial for companies to have a precise understanding of their target group. Prioritizing their needs and interests is an essential prerequisite for successfully winning and acquiring new customers. Achieving long-term and successful customer acquisition necessitates comprehensive organization and management. A customer relationship management system (CRM system) can optimally support both the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing ones.

Definition: Customer acquisition

New customer acquisition refers to all activities undertaken by a company to expand its customer base and boost its contacts. The objective of customer acquisition is to create a strong bond with the company and the associated product by prioritizing the needs of the target group, in order to build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

Customer acquisition process

The planning, organization and execution of customer acquisition and cold calling are continuous processes that drive the success of a company by securing new customers. To arouse interest and effectively acquire potential customers, it is crucial to address the specific requirements and preferences of the target group. Establishing initial contact during the customer acquisition process is the first step towards forging a long-term customer relationship and can be achieved through advertising or cold calling, for example. In the later stages of acquiring new customers, it is crucial to focus on addressing the target group appropriately and cultivating lasting relationships.

Effective customer management

With CAS genesisWorld, you have the capability to create customized marketing campaigns that effectively reach your target group through tailored communication. Implementing multi-level marketing activities increases the likelihood of attracting and acquiring potential customers. Efficiently designing service promotion and product advertising is made possible through the utilization of the central CRM system, which already provides valuable information about customers' specific interests and needs.

Reliable planning for acquiring new customers

By utilizing a CRM system, every interaction with prospects can be systematically mapped and documented, providing a defined foundation for future customer acquisition activities. During the customer acquisition process, a CRM system enables you to generate sales forecasts and identify the most profitable customers.

The Sales pro extension enables even more comprehensive sales support, as you can extensively evaluate your sales opportunities and look after customers better.

Long-term and successful customer acquisition

Visit reports are a valuable documentation tool for customer visits, capturing essential information such as customer requirements. Placing the customer at the center of your business is crucial for both customer acquisition and customer loyalty. Further, the sales funnel provides a time-saving overview of the sales process. The various phases of sales opportunities, including the information and decision phases, can also be represented. From this information, businesses can derive forecasts for customer acquisition and future prospects, making the process of acquiring new customers even more promising and efficient.

New contacts can be generated, for example, by offering an engaging blog, sending personalized emails or distributing content through social media platforms to attract attention and generate leads. Interesting content also plays a vital role in attracting new customers, particularly when it comes to your website. For instance, articles featuring tips or other valuable content present an excellent opportunity to acquire email addresses from prospects. Similarly, getting people to subscribe to your newsletter will facilitate customer acquisition in a significant manner. 

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