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Airbus, a pioneer in the aerospace industry, leverages CAS Merlin CPQ to optimize the configuration of complex products. This advanced product configuration software enables Airbus to create customized solutions precisely and efficiently, which not only reduces response time to customer enquiries, but also increases productivity. By precisely adapting to individual customer needs, CAS Merlin CPQ contributes significantly to customer satisfaction and supports Airbus in successfully achieving its goals in terms of product customization and efficiency.

The success story at a glance

Requirements and goals

  • Product configurator "Retroconf Upgrade Configurator"
  • Restructuring and optimization of aircraft extension processes
  • Replacement of manual quotation creation
  • Automatically check requests for feasibility

Benefits and advantages

  • Graphic maintenance of dependencies between aircraft extensions
  • Generation of quotes in minutes
  • Engineers graphically combine technical information and sales data in enhanced Aibus Modtrees

CAS Merlin CPQ

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Efficient sales processes, tailor-made quote generation, and emotional product experiences for your customers. Whether large company or SME, our CPQ solutions help you to sustainably increase the success of your company. How does that work? With agile modeling and intuitive configuration functions.

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