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With CAS Maecenas, you can model all important administration processes. CAS Maecenas provides essential support to your employees in their daily work throughout all key areas such as: managing funding projects, reporting, and media and public relations. Our solution helps you to make the most of any funds available to your trust.


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The challenge for foundations: high administrative efforts

Nowadays, many associations face high administrative efforts: the key focus is on establishing and maintaining contacts with different interest groups. Employees of large associations are constantly on the move between meetings where they promote their projects; the projects' purpose varies depending on what was defined during the formation of the foundation. Likewise, the work for media and public relations projects as well as event management processes are very time consuming.

Professional association management tools make every day work easier

Professional tools are a must for efficiently supporting the management work in associations. The right software solution is a powerful tool to efficiently manage associations. CAS Maecenas will benefit you: using the powerful contact management functions, you can create an address dossier containing all relevant information for each contact, for example, founders, alumni, event participants, and many more. The dossier contains the entire communication log, and employees can access all important information from anywhere, at any time. A new application dossier can also be created in just a few clicks. Thanks to intelligent project planning functions, association employees can quickly schedule and coordinate new appointments with their team members.

Motivated employees, happy cooperation partners and satisfied applicants

The CRM software offers useful functions designed for the management of associations, for example, administering applications, measuring success rates of media and public relations work or organizing events. An integrated portal encourages the exchange between scholars, alumni and cooperation or networking partners. Professional software solutions designed for associations considerably minimize administrative efforts, and employees, applicants and cooperation partners experience a great working atmosphere.

We also offer custom software solutions for alumni management. Find out more on our product pages.

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