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CAS Alumni supports you in all areas of alumni management. A CRM tool with a central database provides essential support not only to the employees of an alumni network, but also in areas of career service and funding. You can display the latest information from the CRM system directly on your websites. A lively alumni network will strengthen your university's profile.

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Maintaining alumni networks involves considerable effort

Managing existing contacts sustainably becomes more and more important. Managers in universities and companies are well aware of the additional asset of a well-maintained alumni network. Many people, however, are critical when they see the large administration effort involved in managing alumni networks. Another challenge facing network managers is the rapidly rising tide of information and how to filter what's important and communicate it to former students or employees.

Long-term relationships are built and maintained with an effective alumni management

A professional CRM software solution supports the management of alumni networks. CRM means Customer Relationship Management that focuses on maintaining (customer) relationships in the long term. Using state-of-the-art alumni software, a university can keep all its former student data up to date and inform them about suitable postgraduate programs or events. With personalized information and first class services, companies and universities can gain a competitive edge in the long term. This aspect plays a major role in times when economic and research institutes fight for every talent.

CAS Alumni helps to retain former students in the long term

The CAS Alumni solution has been developed to meet the special requirements of alumni management. As well as making contact and document management easier it also enables complex contact management which includes appointment scheduling and task planning. Form letters and e-mail merges are created in no time with just a few clicks. This saves time, employees are motivated to maintain relationships and alumni are satisfied. A win-win situation for all.


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